ICLA Human Rights Activists Attend International Women’s Day Event

By • on March 15, 2014

Today a number of ICLA activists attended the International Women’s Day event in London’s Conway Hall. As regular visitors to this website are aware, ICLA is primarily concerned about human rights abuses rooted in sharia religious laws. Of course many of the victims of such abuses are women and the abuse often appears to be tolerated because it has a cultural or religious basis.

One issue raised in the early part of the event included the problem that rights that are guaranteed by international humanitarian law are often ignored.  Problems such as FGM, forced marriage, honour crime, and the inherent inequality of women under sharia tribunals. Sexual slavery in Western ally states such as Saudi Arabia as well as in Western countries themselves was raised as a serious problem.

On speaker spoke in favour of people having the moral courage to speak the truth about human rights against women despite the inevitable name calling and ostracism that often comes from cultural relativists when such words of truth are spoken.

Some photos from the event: