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July 2012 (Vol 1, No 1)

ICLA Conference – July 2012: Launch of Brussels Process

Brussels Declaration

Defender of Freedom Award

September 2012 (Vol 1, No 2)

Oriana Fallaci Memorial Weekend – 15/16 September 2012

OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting – Warsaw

 May 2013 (Vol 2, No 1)

Launch of Victims of Sharia (VOS) Observatory

July 2013 (Vol 2, No 2)

OSCE Vienna – July 2013

October 2013 (Vol 2, No 3)

ICLA Conference – September 2013 – Definitions Project – OSCE Warsaw – September 2013

January 2014 (Vol 3, No 1)

VOSAN Project – ICLA Newsletter 2014


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Vol 1, No 1 – Jul 2012

The first edition of the online Journal of the Brussels Process features the papers presented at the 9 July 2012 International Free Speech and Human Rights Conference held in Brussels.  The Journal includes other papers also submitted to the conference from participants who were unable to attend.

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1) Introduction: ICLA Relaunched


Click section heading above to go to the speech
Alain Wagner
Français – PDF (english)

Alain Wagner introduces the conference on behalf of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA). He gave a brief outline of the purpose of ICLA and the contemporay threats that exist to democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression. He highlights sharia encforcement as a particular threat.

Agenda for the International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights, Sponsored by International Civil Liberties Alliance – 9 July 2012

Speaker biographies


2) Keynote speech: The origins of Sharia

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Hans Jansen
Dutch text – English text and video

Professor Jensen discusses the nature of sharia, how it impacts on non-Muslims, how it is undemocratic, and how it is academic rather than practical.  He refers to the principle of abrogation. He goes on to discuss the concept of freedom of religion and what it means.


3) Conference Speeches/Presentations

Fthrsamuel-50Sharia, Christians in The Islamic World, and Freedom of Expression
Père Samuel
Vidéo française – english video
Father Samuel discusses how has studied Islam and lived in the Islamic world for many years. He explains that as a resident in Beligium where he won legal action in favour of freedom of speech.  He talks about sharia, the, plight of Christians in parts of the Islamic world, and asserts his support for Israel.
The Effort to Enforce Sharia
Nidra Poller
english video
Nidra Poller speeks as a novelist and provides a novelist’s way of looking at the situation. She discusses the collapse of freedom of speech and the reluctance of many to adequately confront this problem.  She talks about the inadequacies of the media in properly informing the public, and about how issues are not considered in a holistic manner which means key factors are missed.  She refers to the al-Durrah hoax to illustrate problems with media reporting and how Western rational thinking is being subverted.
The Dangers of the Istanbul Process
Alexandre de Valle
english text – english video – vidéo française – texte français
Alexander Del Valle explains the goals of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in particular the aim to expand the reach of sharia.  He refers to the OIC’s efforts in the UN with regard to “defamation of religions” and the latest incarnation of the OIC’s efforts – the Istanbul Process.
Islamists and Leftists and OIC: United Against Free Speech
Pierre Cassen
english text – english video –vidéo française
Pierre Cassen discusses how France has departed from the principles of Voltaire and how many French citizens have been unfairly prosecuted for having opinions.  He goes on to highlight some specific cases.
“You Can’t Hide the Truth”
Stephen Lennon
english text and video
Stephen Lennon outlines the presence of radical Islam in his home town of Luton.  He explains how Islamic extremists abused soldiers who had come home from Afghanistan and how it was those who protested against this who were the ones on the receiving end of police action.  He goes on to outline the ‘two tier’ system in the United Kindom in which non-Muslims appear to be treated more harshly by the state authorities.  He talks about his own persecution at the hands of the British state.
Defender of Freedom Acceptance Speech
Lars Hedegaard
english video
Lars Hedegaard  accepts the 2012 ICLA Defender of Freedom Award that recognises his work to protect freedom of speech.  More information about the Defender of Freedom Award can be found HERE.

The Defender of Freedom Award

The need for Free Press in Sweden
Ingrid Carlqvist
english video
Ingrid Carlqvist talks about the situation in Sweden which she refers to as “Absurdistan”. She discuses the changes in the nature of Swedish society. She suggests that the changes have not been for the better.
Ned-50Free Speech After Breivik
Ned May
PDF english text
Ned May outlines how the atrocity in Norway in July 2011 has been used as a tool to demonise people across the world who are concerned about sharia.  It has been used as a tool to outlaw sharia criticism and thereby has been employed to help the implementation of the agenda of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation an agenda which is outlined in its 10 Year Plan.
Securing freedom of religion
Magdi Allam
english video
Magdi Allam explains how he has been a victim of sharia law.  He refers to the fact that under sharia leaving the Islamic religion is a capital crime.  He refers to use of fear as a tool used by Islamic terrorists but also says that a similar fear and a similar outcome is achieved via the speech codes that aim to prevent criticism of Islam.  He suggests that there are certain values currently under threat due to moral relativism that are non negotiable values of Western Civilisation.
The Law and Freedom Initiative
Gavin ‘Lawman’ Boby
english video
Gavin Boby outlines the work of the Law and Freedom Foundation which helps local communities oppose planning applications for mosques.  He explains the legal reasons which his organisation does this.
Free Speech in Germany
Conny Axel Meier
english text – english video – PDF
Conny Axel Meier notes that 14% of Muslims in Germany would prefer to live under sharia instead of democracy. He compares the number of people in Germany who support sharia today with the number who supported Hitler in 1928 before he rose to power and thus highlights the danger that sharia could pose to German society. He highlights the cases of victims of repressive laws restricting free speech and the agitation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to criminalise criticism of Islam.
The Death Throes of Free Speech in Europe
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
english text – english video
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff the “soft” totalitarianism of the European Union that gets harder by the day and takes the form of a continent-wide attack on freedom of speech.  She highlights the existence of EU laws that criminalise speech and effectively close down freedom of speech.  Elisabeth outlines specific cases of prosecutions that have been carried out.
Politically Incorrect Harassment
Christian Jung
english video
Christian Jung discusses the public funding of left wing extremists. He also talks about the issue of
free speech. He refered to his work for the City of Munich and how press and left wing activists mounted a witch hunt against him due to his views on Islam. He talks about his treatment at work and his subsequent legal action against the City of Munich.
The Work of Discourse
George Igler
english video
George Igler outlines the work of Discourse – Britain’s Institute for Free Speech which aims to engage in ‘reverse lawfare’ against prosecutions against those practicing free speech. 
Polemic Term Islamophobia: A Review Of German Surveys
Felix Strüning
english video
Felix Strüning discusses the use of the label ‘Islamophobia’ as a tool to prevent criticsm of Islam and to stigmantise any critics. He highlights some of the weaknesses of the ‘Islamophobia’ thesis.
The ”Brussels Declaration” and its implications
Alain Wagner
french video – english introduction text and video
Alain Wagner, introduces the Brussels Declaration and Brussels Process which were the main outcomes of the ICLA conference for Free Speech and Human Rights.  The aim was to oppose sharia enforcement. He called on people to sign the Declaration and participate in the Brussels Process.

4) Panel of Speakers: Q&A session, discussion


Brussels 2012: The Panel Discussion


5) Brussels Declaration And The Brussels Process

The Reading of the Brussels Declaration (français)

The culmination of the conference was the reading and signing of the Brussels Declaration and the commencement of the Brussels Process that would help shape future work and provide a counterweight to the efforts of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to undermine freedom of speech and expand the influence of sharia.

Press Release:

English (English) Brussels Process Launched By The International Civil Liberties Alliance On 9 July 2012
Spanish (Español) Declaración de Bruselas 2012
French (Français) Declaración de Bruselas 2012
Hungarian (Magyar) 2012-es Brüsszeli Nyilatkozat
German (Deutsch) Brüsseler Erklärung vom 9. Juli 2012
Arabic (العربية) 2012 إعلان بروكسل
Text of the 2012 Brussels Declaration To Safeguard Individual Liberties and Human Rights


Coverage of Our Recent Conference by Bruce Bawer at Front Page Magazine (Front Page Magazine)


Inside the Brussels Conference on Free Speech and Human Rights (Front Page Magazine)


Brussels Declaration / Brussels Process


La déclaration de Bruxelles 2012, peut-être le début de la fin pour Eurabia… (
Brussels Process Launched By The International Civil Liberties Alliance On 9 July 2012 (UK Copts)
Europe: Unending Critiques Of Israel, Ignoring Muslim Human Rights Crimes (Isranet)
ICLA pushback against Muslim efforts to muzzle our free speech (
Brussels Process Launched By The International Civil Liberties Alliance On 9 July 2012 (The Blogmocracy)
7/9 Brussels, Belgium Int’l Human Rights & Freedom of Speech Conference (
The Brussels Process: for free speech and civil liberties (Musings of A Durotrigan)
Fjordman File updates (Klein Verzet)
2012 Brussels Declaration – “To Preserve Free Speech, Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Democracy…” (Uriasposten)
L’ICLA et le Processus de Bruxelles contre la charia (Riposte Laique)
Anti-Sharia 4 Belgium
La déclaration de Bruxelles 2012, peut-être le début de la fin pour Eurabia… (Europe-Israel)
Charia : Déclaration de Bruxelles 2012 (Jean-Charles Duboc)
International Civil Liberties Alliance (Gypsy Scholar)
Les valeurs chrétiennes frappent à la porte du Parlement européen (Parti Republicain Chretien)
ICLA: la nouvelle ONG pour les Droits de l’Homme et contre l’oppression religieuse (Laic.Info)
Alain Wagner présente l’International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) (Observatoire de l’islamisation)
Quand un évêque Syriaque parle vrai sur l’Islam et indispose l’Union Européenne (Jforum)
Charia : déclaration de Bruxelles 2012 (Alerte éthique)
Quand un évêque copte parle vrai sur l’Islam et indispose l’Union Européenne (Magazine*
Petition – 2012 Brussels Declaration  (The Counter Jihad Report)
International Civil Liberties Alliance (Nature et Culture)
Fellowship of the Minds: Conservatives who love America

Thoughts and Truth from the Impossible Life

Alliance Internationale des Libertés Civiles / ICLA

Pour le principe de Bruxelles et contre le principe d’Istanbul explication (Veroniquegenest’s Blog)


 Defender of Freedom Award


LarsH200 Lars Hedegaard receives Defender of Freedom Award (Brussels 2012) (IFPS Canada)


Ingrid Carlqvist’s Speech


Ingrid Carlqvist’s tale i Bruxelles: I want my country back (Tidsskriftet Sappho)
Ingrid Carlqvist’s Tale i Bruxelles: I Want My Country Back (American Rennaisance)
Ingrid Carlqvist Speaks at Conference that Launched the Brussels Process (Legal Project)







Père Samuel’s Speech


  Père Samuel: Un enfant musulman bien islamisé est une bombe à retardement (Savoir ou se faire avoir)


Alexander del Valle’s Speech


The Danger of Istanbul Process (Right Side News)






Stephen Lennon’s Speech


Brussels Process: You Can’t Hide the Truth about Islam (Right Side News)*
Stephen Lennon’s “You Can’t Hide the Truth” Speech Delivered To The International Civil Liberties Alliance Conference In The European Parliament (Faithfreedom)




Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff


  Calls for a European First Amendment Grow (Bruce Bawer – FrontPage Magazine)


Allegations From Mr Richard Howitt MEP


Harry’s Place
British Freedom
Liberal Conspiracy





Vol 1, No 2  – Sep 2012

The second issue of the online Proceedings of the International Civil Liberties Alliance focuses on the Oriana Fallaci Conference and associated events that took place on the weekend of 15/16 September 2012 in the Italian City of Florence and on the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation meeting in Warsaw from 25 September to 5 October 2012.

This Florence event, in honour of the memory of Oriana Fallaci and her important work in the cause of freedom, is organised annually by Armando Manocchia, President of the pro-freedom organisation Associazione Una Via Per Oriana.  This year, as in 2008, ICLA was present but on this occasion we were able to promote the 2012 Brussels Process that was launched at a conference in the European Parliament in July 2012.  The Oriana Fallaci conference has now become the latest component of the Brussels Process itself.

The OSCE event in Warsaw is the annual Human Dimension Implementation meeting.  The OSCE website says the following about the Human Dimension:

“The term “human dimension” describes the set of norms and activities related to human rights, the rule of law, and democracy that are regarded within the OSCE as one of the three pillars of its comprehensive security concept, along with the politico-military and the economic and environmental dimensions.”

An important aspect of ICLA’s mission to the OSCE this year will be the Brussels Process.


Pre Event Publicity: Imolaoggi, Zenit, Ilquintuplo, Thankyouoriana, Alleanzaperlaliberta, Facebook

An Oriana Fallaci Memorial Award

An Oriana Fallaci Memorial Award


The success of the 2012 Brussels Process rests with the willingness of broad range of commentators to get behind it and publicize associated events.  The Oriana Fallaci Conference is a part of the Brussels Process because to champions freedom of expression and helps protect it from OIC political bullying.  The following table gives links to sites that have been writing about the conference:

Oriana Fallaci Memorial Conference begint vandaag in Florence (E J Bron)
Remembering Oriana Fallaci in Florence (Gates of Vienna),,
Memorial for Oriana Fallaci an Italian Freedom Fighter (Tundra Tabloids),
‘Tommy’ goes globetrotting
Oriana Fallaci Memorial Events Begin Today in Florence, Italy (ICLA),,,
British Freedom Deputy Leader Stephen Lennon Receives Prestigious Freedom Award In Florence (British Freedom), Europenews, Eastangliandivision
Florenz: Gedenken an Oriana Fallaci
Une importante manifestation à Florence en mémoire d’Oriana Fallaci (Francais De France)
Sei anni dalla morte di Oriana Fallaci. A Firenze la ricordano dieci persone e nove gendarmi (Io nonsto con Oriana)

Oriana Fallaci Memorial Awards:

Stephen Lennon receiving his award.

Stephen Lennon receiving his award.

Stephen Lennon, Deputy Leader of British Freedom, Addresses a Meeting In Florence Shortly Before Receiving Oriana Fallaci Award (ICLA)



OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting Opens In Warsaw Today – The conference opened on 24 September. This article introduces the aims of the ICLA mission to the OSCE.

State Interference With EDL Walthamstow Demonstration: A Violation of Freedom Of Assembly? – BPE Submission to OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting – BPE Submission to OSCE Human Dimension Implementation meeting on 25 September 2012.

Islamic subversion exposed at OSCE (Dispatch International)


Pro Freedom Groups At OSCE HDIM In Warsaw – Summary Of Document Submissions

The following are the links to the documents at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting  (HDIM) in Warsaw:

International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)
Official OSCE list of documents
Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE)
Official OSCE list of documents
The Stresemann Foundation
Official OSCE list of documents
ACT! For America
Official OSCE list of documents
Islamophobia, Occupation and Slander — A sane perspective (English)


Vol 2, No 1 – May 2013

Victims of Sharia (VOS) Observatory


The Victims of Sharia Observatory (VOS) is a new project that is part of the Brussels Process that was launched at a conference in the European Parliament in July 2012.  VOS has been launched as a way of tracking the harm that sharia does to human rights all over the world.  For some time now the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has lectured the world on human rights despite the severe human rights abuses that take place in many OIC member states.  Invented terms such as “Islamophobia” have been put into circulation to blame the victims of sharia abuse rather than its perpetrators.  We hope that this monthly report will help bring the truth to public attention.

We will collect and collate news stories from around the world that illustrate the way sharia undermines the most basic principles of human rights.  To help us in this task we would ask individuals and organisations to participate in VOS. We hope that other websites will get involved and republish the monthly reports and other VOS related materials.

It is important for the whole world to realise the threat that sharia poses to human rights so that they can lobby for appropriate reforms.  Indeed some sharia practices are so degrading that need to be considered by international law as crimes against humanity.

Islamic tradition divides the world into two principal components, the House of Islam (Dar al Islam), and the House of War (Dar al Harb).  The former is the Islamic world, and the latter is the land of the non-Muslims.  This division is itself is provocative, divisive and encourages discrimination.  The Dar al Harb is regarded as the House of War because it is expected that Islam will agitate in those areas in order to convert it to the House of Islam.  Mechanisms that encourage sharia in that area are ones that are intended to facilitate that transformation.  For this reason we separate our observatory based on these two components.  The observatory will have separate sections for each component.  Initiatives in Western countries that we believe will facilitate the spread of sharia into those areas will be highlighted in the Dar al Harb section.  Sharia based human rights violation in the Islamic world will be highlighted in the Dar al Islam section.

More information about the VOS observatory including the monthly reports can be found HERE.


Vol 2, No 2 – Jul 2012

OSCE Vienna 2013


ICLA’s 2013 Mission to OSCE Vienna Meeting – Introduction

The American Response Concerning The SPLC (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Do British Police Enforce Sharia (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

A Double Standard In Germany (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Do British Police Enforce Sharia? – Part 2 (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

The Official US Government Use of SPLC Blacklists (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Repudiate the Cairo Declaration (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

The Right to Peaceful Assembly in Germany (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

The Role of Religion in Public Affairs (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

The Need for Fewer Legal Tools (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

The Need for Fewer Legal Tools – Part 2 (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Islamophobia Defined — And a BPE Response (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Deconstructing Islamophobia (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

More on Islamophobia (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Are You Demanding a Return to Communist Albania? (ICLA Mission to OSCE)

Stalking the Mythical Islamophobe (ICLA Mission to OSCE)


Vol 2, No 3 – Oct 2013

Definitions Conference and OSCE Warsaw 2013


Regaining The Right To Walk The Streets of London: Woolwich Arrest – Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa OSCE Statement – Case Dismissed

L’international Civil Liberties Alliance interpelle à la France et lui demande de respecter son devoir de neutralité religieuse

“We Do Not Preach Hate; We Expose Hate”

OSCE Warsaw: Early Recommendations

Liberté de réunion menacée, l’ICLA interpelle la France

Appel urgent de l’ICLA au directeur de l’OSCE

Le racisme anti-blancs doit être pris en compte au sein de l’OSCE

ACT For Canada On Freedom Of Religion

Freedom of Assembly in Germany

OSCE Submission By Set My People Free: On Apostasy Laws And Other Forms Of Slavery

What Does “Islamophobia” Mean?

ICLA, Alain Wagner interpelle la France sur la liberté d’expression

ICLA, Alain Wagner contre l’islamisation de l’éducation en Europe

NGO Statement: “Islamophobia” is Undefined

Women For Freedom OSCE Submission: FGM – Wilfully Harming Women Is A Crime Against Humanity

Intervention At OSCE Meeting About The Treatment Of Copts In Egypt

Call For Support For New Secular Government In Egypt

Valerie Price of ACT for Canada speaks to OSCE on honour killings and abuse of women

BPE Pax-Europa Austria – Intervention on the topic Freedom of Assembly

OSCE Warsaw: Intervention By BPE Austria On The Subject Of Freedom Of Religion

Two Systems Of Human Rights: Universal Declaration Of Human Rights & Cairo Declaration Of Human Rights Under Islam

Freedom Of Religion In The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And In The Cairo Declaration On Human Rights In Islam

Freedom Of Expression Must Be Protected From Blasphemy Laws And Other Restrictions

Losing The Right to Walk The Streets of London – BPE Statement At OSCE Meeting

Call For Repudiation Of Capital Punishment For Apostasy

Statement BPE On The Problem Of Female Genital Mutilation

Intervention by BPE At OSCE On The Subject Of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination

Sexual Exploitation and Violence Against Women: Unaddressed Problems In Northern Europe

BPE Makes Recommendation For Establishment Of ODIHR Group To Look At Barriers To Successful Integration Of Minorities

A Call to Eliminate Controversial Undefined Terms

What About Jihad?

Team Warsaw

Prevention Of Violence Against Women And Children – Intervention By BPE Austria At OSCE Warsaw Meeting

“Freedom Of Expression Must Be Protected From Blasphemy Laws And Other Restrictions” (Stresemann Foundation)

Stresemann Foundation’s Reply to Adil Akhmetov At OSCE Meeting

OSCE Warsaw 2013: Intervention on behalf of the Gustav Stresemann Stiftung e.V. – Combating intolerance and discrimination of Muslims

Islamophobia – An Ill-Defined Term: Intervention At OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Bad Definitions And The OSCE – ICLA Speaks At The ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department Event

OSCE Human Dimension Meeting 2013, Session 1 “Tolerance and Non-Discrimination”, Warsaw, 24 September 2013: Intervention was by Stephen Coughlin

Human Rights Activists Attending OSCE Meeting In Warsaw Appear On Secure Freedom Radio

Harassment Of Political Rallies In Germany Raised At OSCE Meeting By ICLA

ICLA Calls On OSCE To Publish An Unambiguous And Politically Neutral Definition Of Islamophobia

Freedom of Expression is a Human Right – Presentation by the Stresemann Foundation at Side Event of OSCE Meeting

ICLA Side Event in Warsaw Today

Live Coverage of the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) in Warsaw

Press release: ICLA deconstructs “Islamophobia”

The Problematic Definition of “Islamophobia”

Group Photo OSCE Feature


Vol 3, No 1 – Jan 2014

VOSAN Project

ICLA launched this initiative as a way of tracking the harm that sharia does to human rights all over the world.  This Project builds directly onto the Brussels Process.

Victims of Sharia on International Human Rights Day (Press Release)

Bishoy Armiya- Victims of Sharia (VOSAN Case)

Albina Kurmanbekova – Victims of Sharia (VOSAN Case)

Call For Obama To Intervene In Victim Of Sharia Asylum Request (Press Release)

Petition Against Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws (VOSAN Support Action)

Tim Burton – Victims of Sharia (VOSAN Case)


TIM BURTON  United Kingdom Effectively alleged Islamic Slander/talebearing (ghiba/namima) Freedom of expression Waiting for case to come to court in February 2014 – for ‘racially aggravated harassment, after his post on Twitter described a prominent individual as “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”.’
ALBINA KURMANBEKOVA United States Apostasy from Islam (Ridda) Freedom of religionGender equality Facing deportation to Kyrgyzstan
BISHOY ARMIYA Egypt Apostasy from Islam (Ridda) Freedom of religion In prison for “contributing to a ‘false image’ that Christians in Minya are a target of violence.”


New ICLA Newsletter 2014

Newsletter of the International Civil Liberties Alliance – January 2014