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Guidelines For Showing Your Support For ICLA Principles

The logo package for ICLA, the International Civil Liberties Alliance can be found in a zip file HERE.

Any blog or other web site in agreement with the ICLA mission statement and the Brussels Declaration are free to show their support by featuring the logo and linking to ICLA:

Mission Statement

Brussels Declaration

Doing so will strengthen ICLA by showing that a broad base of bloggers, activist and commenters agree with and endorse the principles we work to defend.

If you link to us, we would like you to tell us by sending an email to

ICLA reserves the right, under copyright law, to prohibit the use of our logo on websites whose aims or methods we disagree with.
We invite you to explore in detail what ICLA does by visiting our web page.

As well as our YouTube channel.

Any material from these pages can be freely republished, provided proper crediting and linking is done.