Warsaw, September 2013 meeting

Group Photo OSCE Feature

Regaining The Right To Walk The Streets of London: Woolwich Arrest – Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa OSCE Statement – Case Dismissed

L’international Civil Liberties Alliance interpelle à la France et lui demande de respecter son devoir de neutralité religieuse

“We Do Not Preach Hate; We Expose Hate”

OSCE Warsaw: Early Recommendations

Liberté de réunion menacée, l’ICLA interpelle la France

Appel urgent de l’ICLA au directeur de l’OSCE

Le racisme anti-blancs doit être pris en compte au sein de l’OSCE

ACT For Canada On Freedom Of Religion

Freedom of Assembly in Germany

OSCE Submission By Set My People Free: On Apostasy Laws And Other Forms Of Slavery

What Does “Islamophobia” Mean?

ICLA, Alain Wagner interpelle la France sur la liberté d’expression

ICLA, Alain Wagner contre l’islamisation de l’éducation en Europe

NGO Statement: “Islamophobia” is Undefined

Women For Freedom OSCE Submission: FGM – Wilfully Harming Women Is A Crime Against Humanity

Intervention At OSCE Meeting About The Treatment Of Copts In Egypt

Call For Support For New Secular Government In Egypt

Valerie Price of ACT for Canada speaks to OSCE on honour killings and abuse of women

BPE Pax-Europa Austria – Intervention on the topic Freedom of Assembly

OSCE Warsaw: Intervention By BPE Austria On The Subject Of Freedom Of Religion

Two Systems Of Human Rights: Universal Declaration Of Human Rights & Cairo Declaration Of Human Rights Under Islam

Freedom Of Religion In The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And In The Cairo Declaration On Human Rights In Islam

Freedom Of Expression Must Be Protected From Blasphemy Laws And Other Restrictions

Losing The Right to Walk The Streets of London – BPE Statement At OSCE Meeting

Call For Repudiation Of Capital Punishment For Apostasy

Statement BPE On The Problem Of Female Genital Mutilation

Intervention by BPE At OSCE On The Subject Of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination

Sexual Exploitation and Violence Against Women: Unaddressed Problems In Northern Europe

BPE Makes Recommendation For Establishment Of ODIHR Group To Look At Barriers To Successful Integration Of Minorities

A Call to Eliminate Controversial Undefined Terms

What About Jihad?

Team Warsaw

Prevention Of Violence Against Women And Children – Intervention By BPE Austria At OSCE Warsaw Meeting

“Freedom Of Expression Must Be Protected From Blasphemy Laws And Other Restrictions” (Stresemann Foundation)

Stresemann Foundation’s Reply to Adil Akhmetov At OSCE Meeting

OSCE Warsaw 2013: Intervention on behalf of the Gustav Stresemann Stiftung e.V. – Combating intolerance and discrimination of Muslims

Islamophobia – An Ill-Defined Term: Intervention At OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Bad Definitions And The OSCE – ICLA Speaks At The ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department Event

OSCE Human Dimension Meeting 2013, Session 1 “Tolerance and Non-Discrimination”, Warsaw, 24 September 2013: Intervention was by Stephen Coughlin

Human Rights Activists Attending OSCE Meeting In Warsaw Appear On Secure Freedom Radio

Harassment Of Political Rallies In Germany Raised At OSCE Meeting By ICLA

ICLA Calls On OSCE To Publish An Unambiguous And Politically Neutral Definition Of Islamophobia

Freedom of Expression is a Human Right – Presentation by the Stresemann Foundation at Side Event of OSCE Meeting

ICLA Side Event in Warsaw Today

Live Coverage of the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) in Warsaw

Press release: ICLA deconstructs “Islamophobia”

The Problematic Definition of “Islamophobia”