Warsaw, Sep/Oct 2009 Mtng

Warsaw OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Soffitel Victoria, 28 September 2009 – 9 October 2009


Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Warsaw, 28 September 2009 – 9 October 2009: Documents on OSCE site; ICLA Documents on OSCE site

ICLA and allied organizations gather at Warsaw, 29 September, 2009

Statement by International Civil Liberties Alliance presented to Session 5 on Tolerance and Non-discrimination at OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Attempt To Silence Debate In Warsaw

Documents Obtained From The OSCE/ODIHR 2009 Human Dimension Meeting in Warsaw, For Filing in the ICLA Library

Lack of Religious Freedom In Turkey: The Case of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

ICLA speaks out against the misuse of hate speech and anti-discrimination laws at OSCE meeting in Warsaw

ICLA Speaks About Freedom of Expression at OSCE Meeting

ICLA Expresses Concern About The British Government’s Restrictions On The Freedom of Movement of Dutch MP Geert Wilders

OSCE – What is a ‘message crime’? (updated) (EuropeNews)

The second half of THIS Gathering Storm blogtalktadio show also covers the issue of our OSCE involvement.