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Mr. Sajid Tarar who is the representative of modern Muslim society in US.

Mr. Sajid Tarar who is the representative of modern Muslim society in US.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump comes under fire for simply stating that “the Emperor has no clothes.” He is regarded by political pressure groups and the media as a danger for having the courage to criticise radical Islam, a toxic topic for all other candidates. He is lambasted by collaborationist media virtually round the clock in order to keep the public in the dark about the real issues and is accused of racism by politicians enjoying enormous funding from Arabs. Meanwhile, the American public is grieving in the wake of the heart breaking attacks in Boston, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino and Orlando, and they finally hear someone braving the truth: Trump speaks out.

Trump’s reaction was, in actual fact, exactly the same as that of the millions horrified at these planned massacres. It was the inner voice of millions of outraged civilians who can never grasp the logic of murder in the name of religion. Perhaps it was American parents’ instinct to protect their young in the face of danger, no matter what the cost!

The sad reality is that whenever radical Muslims attack anywhere – just as in the most recent massacre in Orlando – the first thing political leaders do is to wax lyrical about the Islamic world, highlighting the alleged un-Islamic nature of terror. It was only Trump who broke the routine a few months ago: unshackled to any lobby or Arab source, he is free to challenge this deafening silence.

Politicians who hide behind the usual shield of democracy have once again set their sights on Trump, accusing him of insulting Islam and Muslims. I, an activist writer and someone who comes from the Islamic tradition, someone raised under Islamic rules, wore the hijab for years, lived in countries ruled by Sharia and interviewed thousands of Muslim women, strongly disagree. Trump is indisputably going to help the future of Islam: today’s Islam is stuck in the Medieval  Ages, still suffering from the incursions of the Crusaders of nearly a thousand years ago and urgently needs reform to bring Muslims into the Twenty-First Century.


Trump could easily be the hope of the Muslims whom he is accused of insulting. All too aware the risks posed to the future of Islam by the politically correct leaders in the pocket of Arab rulers, moderate Muslims around the world have already begun to back the Trump movement that will help them to  drive reform. They include activist Muslim women defending the rights of women, children and gays, in particular, as they fight for women enslaved and oppressed by Sharia, girls of 7 or 8 sold and raped ostensibly as child brides sanctioned by religion and young people executed for being gay. Women activists whose I have personally interviewed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar concur in their conviction that Trump will help the reform movement in Islam.


Islamic terror feeds on the silence of Muslims and Western political leaders. In other words, keeping silent and avoiding confrontation with radical Islam does not alleviate the problem. Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been silent for the past seven and a half years; how successful has that tactic been in tackling Islamic terror? Their feeble policies beholden to others have only turned the Middle East into an inferno, while secular countries like Turkey were Islamicised. That is why this silence must be broken. We must stand firm as we confront and condemn radical Islam in order to help bring an end to these inhuman practices and murders. The only way to defeat terrorist organisations like so-called ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra is to speak out, just as Donald Trump has done.

We know by experience that bombs and weapons cannot defeat Islamic terror. Neither American bombs, nor countless lives lost (terrorists and American soldiers alike) helped to eradicate radical Islam in the wake of September 11. That is why the West must abandon this hypocritical policy, stop promoting Islam, and instead denounce radical Islam as a misguided and dangerous ideology. That is the only way modern Muslims can be encouraged to stand against Jihadism. Trump’s unequivocal stand and proposals – yes, even those proposals – to implement a temporary visa ban for Muslims might just be what peaceful Muslims need to distance themselves from the radicals. This could be the wake-up call, an opening move of the first domino in a transformation that will go around the world: REFORMATION.

“Muslim for Trump” campaign is growing every day under the leadership Mr. Sajid Tarar who is the representative of modern Muslim society in US. Assuming that some nine hundred million Muslims around the world believe in peace, it must be beyond dispute that the eradication of Islamic terror will benefit above all these kind souls who are desperately unhappy at the taking of innocent lives in the name of Allah. Why shouldn’t modern Muslims therefore support Donald Trump?


About Rabia Kazan

Rabia Kazan

Rabia Kazan – ICLA Women’s Rights Advocate

Rabia Kazan was born Turkey in 1976. She started her journalism career as a TV correspondent  in 1996  in Flash TV. Then, She became a columnist    In 2000 ,for the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) affiliated newspaper “Ortadoğu Gazete” where she worked there for six years. Then, she founded         the news magazine Haber Revizyon in İstanbul.

 In 2007, Kazan went to Iran and she witnessed child marriages and women trafficking which has been known “temporary marriage” . She wrote a reportage on women condition in Iran ,titled “Tahran Melekleri” (“The Angels of Tehran”), which was about Nikah mut‘ah. Kazan received various threats after her book published . Her book has become a bestseller in Turkey.
In 2008, Ms.Kazan married to Giacinto Licursi who was Italian lawyer , politician and she moved to Roma .During her stay in Italy, she actively promoted “Secularism in Islam” and prevention of “child marriages and woman trafficking” on different platforms including Italian TV Channels.
She had moved to USA in 2010 and worked as volunteer for World Federation of United Nations Associations in United Nations for 2 years.Ms. Kazan decided to remove her hijab in 2012 , which she was forced to wear at the age of seven. She has started working , as women’s rights activist at The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) , based in Switzerland.
She launched global campaign in 2014 named “This Is Not My Allah” against Islamic Terrorism with Alain Wagner  ICLA president  ( a French political analyst ) in New York.