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Blogs and Sites

The following are a selection of blogs and other sites that we have attempted to organised by country / territory (please let us know if any of the blogs listed should be in another country category – some may be in a category based on what we believe to be their main country of emphasis).  Inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply that International Civil Liberties Alliance endorses the sites or their content so people click the links at their own risk.  Inclusion of a blog/site does not necessarily imply that they or their authors support our organisation or our aims.  Inclusion on the list is just for educational purposes so readers can get an idea about the sites that are on the Internet.

Act for America
Act For America — Golden Gate Chapter
Act For America — Upland CA Chapter
All Things Beautiful
Always on Watch Two
American Ideological Society
American Israeli Patriot (The)
American Jihad
American Thinker
Answering Islam
Answering Muslims
Anti Jihad Crusader (The)
Astute Bloggers (The)
Atlas Shrugs
Bare Naked Islam
Beginners’ Guide to Islam
Bibliography of Islamic Studies
Big Peace
Big Picture (The)
Bloggers for Darfur
Blogmocracy (The)
Bosch Fawstin
Bushfires of Freedom
Business of America (The)
Byzantium Calling
CAIR Watch
Center for Security Policy
Citizen Warrior
Center for the Study of Political Islam
China Confidential
Christian Action Network
Civoc! Society, Politics & Religion
Classical Values
Conservative Beach Girl
Counter Terrorism Blog
Cox & Forkum
Creeping Sharia
Daily Pundit
Daniel Pipes
Death By 1000 Papercuts
Debbie Schlussel
Defenders Council of Vermont
Democracy Project
Dr Sanity
Eject! Eject! Eject!
Family Security Matters
Faultline USA
Fausta’s Blog
Fire Base America
Force of Reason (The)
Free Republic
Freedom Fighter’s Journal (The)
Freedom International
Freedom’s Cost
Freethinker (The)
Gallia Watch
Gates of Vienna
Gateway Pundit
Gathering Storm (The)
Global Politician
Gonzo’s Bar and Go-Go Grill
Grizzly Mountain
Gulf Coast Pundit
Handbook for Infidels
Hard to Swallow
Hidden Dragon
Hot Air
House of Harkonnen
Human Events
Illumination, Inc.
Illustrated P.I.G to Islam
Infidel Bloggers Alliance
Infidel Sage (The)
Infidels Are Cool
Investigative Project on Terrorism (The)
Ironic Surrealism II
Islam Watch
Islam: The Religion of Peace
Islamic Danger to Americans
Jawa Report (The)
Jewish Policy Center
Jewish Pride
Jewish Task Force (The)
Jewish World View
Jihad Spin
Jihad Watch
JihadChat.com Forum
Joel’s Trumpet
Jon Quixote World
Kid From Brooklyn (The)
Kingdom of Chaos
Liberating Propaganda
Liberty and Culture
Liberty Matrix (The)
Live From Infidelphia
Mahdi Watch
Mapping Sharia
Maverick News Media
Merry Widow (The)
Michael Johns
Michelle Malkin
Militant Islam Monitor
Mosque Watch
National Review Online
Neo Neocon
NeoCon Command Center
New Bird Blog (The)
New Centrist (The)
New Knighthood (A)
No Apology
No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!
No More Spin
North American Patriot (A)
North East Intelligence Network
Northern Virginiastan
Not Ready for My Burqua
Outraged Spleen of Zion (The)
Pajamas Media
Patriot Warrior
Patriots and Liberty
Patriot’s Corner
Perish the Thought
Phoenix Rise
Pillars of Truth
Politics of CP (The)
Prophet of Doom
Quoth The Raven
Radio Patriot (The)
RadioActive Chief
Red Alerts
Redneck’s Revenge
Renew America
Right As Usual
Right Hooks
Right Side News
Right Truth
Road Sassy
Roger L. Simon
Saber Point
Security Sisters
Shariah Finance Watch
Shield of Achilles (The)
Sigmund, Carl and Alfred
Smooth Stone
Spiced Sass
Steyn Online
Stop the ACLU
Stop the ISM
Stop the Madrassa
Strategy Page
Suicide of the West
Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier
Sunlit Uplands
Templar Times (The)
Terror Finance Blog (The)
Terrorism 101
Theodore’s World
Thomas the Wraith
Thunder Pig
To The Point (Jack Wheeler)
True North Radio
Truth & Consequences
Two Sisters From The Right
Ultimate Insult (The)
United American Committee
United States Defence League
US or Them
USA Partisan
USA Wake Up
USS Neverdock
Vanishing American
Victory Party of the United States
View From The Right
Voices from the Long War
Wake Up America
What Would Charles Martel Do?
Why So Upset Turn That Frown Upside Down!
Win the War
Winds of Change
Women Against Shariah
Yellow Limes
Yid With A Lid