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New Section: Articles that relate to the Counterjihad in Australia

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Blogs and Sites

The following are a selection of blogs and other sites that we have attempted to organised by country / territory (please let us know if any of the blogs listed should be in another country category – some may be in a category based on what we believe to be their main country of emphasis).  Inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply that International Civil Liberties Alliance endorses the sites or their content so people click the links at their own risk.  Inclusion of a blog/site does not necessarily imply that they or their authors support our organisation or our aims.  Inclusion on the list is just for educational purposes so readers can get an idea about the sites that are on the Internet.

Abandon Skip
Anglo-Australian National Community Council
Ausie News & Views
Australia Advance Ideology Association
Australian Islamist Monitor
Before It Happens
Belmont Club (The)
Colonel Robert Neville
Crusader Rabbit
Democracy Frontline
Eloi Vs Diablo
Fortress Australia Outpost
Fortress Outpost
Greenie Watch
Islam Monitor
Israelly Cool
Mandate Ministries
Midnight Sun (The)
Milk Bar Jihad
Right Wing Death Bogan
Silent Running
Squalid Shoebox
Tao of Defiance
Tim Blair
Tizona Group (The)
Voice of the Pacific
What Has Islam Done For You Today?
Western Heart (A)
Winds of Jihad