Facing Jihad: Jerusalem – 14 December 2008


The Conference was not organised by ICLA but ICLA members attended.

Conference Report

The Conference was organised by the Ariel Centre for Policy Review took place in Jerusalem and was very well attended in terms of the number of attendees and media presence. The event was introduced by Prof Arieh Eldad, MK and each speaker was introduced by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. Live coverage was provided by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

The first speaker was Prof John Lewis who spoke about a policy to defeat Islamic totalitarianism with an emphasis on the legal seperation of relgion and the state. The example of MacArthur’s approach to Shintoism in Japan was cited as an example of how this could be done.

Dr David Bukay spoke about jihad and da’wah. This included the way Islam uses infiltration, deception misinformation, and religiously sanctioned lieing to subvert non Islamic societies.

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch gave a visual presentation that showed how messages differed depending on whether the audience was Islamic or Western, with the later being a sanitised and deceptive version. The version shown in Arabic on Palestian TV conveyed a clear violent and supremacist message, with incitement ot exterminate jews and create a second hollocaust. The clips showed how violence was promoted as a first option with negotiation only being used when violence has failed, and with violence being celebrated as an idea. They showed how even children’s TV was not immune to this tendancy and children were encouraged to become martyrs. The spin on the attacks on 9/11 was one in which it was stated that the main victims of these attacks were the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Palestinians and Muslims were potrayed as victims and this victimhood was used as an excuse for violence. Jesus was portrayed as the first Palestinian victim.

Prof Shlomo Sharan spoke after the lunch break about indoctrination in Israel’s public education system. This included historic revisionism that effectively eliminated zionism and emphasised multiculturalism. It was shown how a disproportionate emphasis was given to the peace process at the expense of more successful approaches to attacks on Israel.

The most moving speech at the recent conference came from Simon Deng, former Sudanese slave and now a human rights activist. He was enslaved because he is a Christian and the Muslim who enslaved him gave him away as a gift to another Muslim. In this day and age this practice is completely unacceptable. It also reminds us of the role of Muslims in the trans Atlantic slavwe trade for which the West has apologised but the Islamic world has not.  Of course these modern day slavers in Sudan are only following the example of their prophet who is regarded as a perfect example to be emulated by all Muslims. Perhaps this is why no apology for slavery has been forthcoming from the Islamic world. If following the example of Mohamed is a virture then, perhaps, so is slavery. We saw the Islamic world make a great deal of fuss when a cartoonist drew some pictures, but where are those voices on an issue that is actually important, such as the issue of slavery. Those who are appeasing Islam by encouraging Sharia law in the West in my view are endorsing the practices of Islam. This includes slavery and second class status for non Muslims and women.  It is time for our governments to demand an end to Islamic slavery and to make it clear that no concessions will be made to Islam in the West until this barabaric practice is ended. In this era of political correctness such a noble stand by our politicians will be very unlikely indeed.

Daniel Pipes gave a presentation entitled ‘Israel and Clear Victory’. Fitna was then shown, which was the first formal screening of the film in Israel. Geert Wilders then gave a presentation and this was followed by closing remarks from Prof Eldad. The conference ended with a press conference.

The conference was an overwhelming success and it attracted a great deal of interest and enthusiasm.




Geert Wilders

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Fitna by Geert Wilders:


Simon Deng

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Prof. Arieh Eldad, MK – Introduced by Robert Spencer

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Prof. John Lewis Introduced by Robert Spencer

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Daniel Pipes – Israel and Clear Victory

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Dr. David Bukay – Jihad and Da`wah

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TV Coverage of the Conference


Israeli TV Coverage of the Facing Jihad Conference

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Russian TV Coverage of the Facing Jihad Conference

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