The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) is an international network of groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures who strive to defend civil liberties, freedom of expression and constitutional democracy.

We aim to promote the secular rule of law, which we believe to be the basis of harmony and mutual respect between individuals and groups in the increasingly globalised world, and to draw attention to efforts to subvert it.  We believe in equality before the law, equality between men and women, and the rights of the individual and are open to participation by all people who respect these principles.

We believe that freedom of speech is the essential prerequisite for free and just societies, secular law, and the rights of the individual.

We are committed to building and participating in coalitions in all parts of the world to effect significant progress in protecting rights of the individual which are sadly being eroded in many countries including those in the West.

ICLA is an independent voluntary online network, not affiliated with or supported by any government agency nor any other organization.

We are gratified that many political parties and other NGO’s are beginning to adopt policy positions defending the values of human rights and civil liberties that ICLA  has defended since its start – values that are threatened by increasingly aggressive alliances of militant Islamists, anarchists and both far-right and far-left extremists.  This mainstreaming of ICLA’s  values has enabled us now to work on specific policy proposals and programs, in addition to public education and activism.

Our name reflects that commitment to building community alliances around policy, legislative and political initiatives to protect civil liberties, human rights, equal protection under the rule of the sovereign laws of each nation, and support for our military, intelligence and law enforcement to protect citizens, property, national security and our way of life.