ICLA Applauds Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din For His Recent Remarks on the Importance of Establishing a Civil State in Iraq

By • on October 21, 2014

ICLA is concerned about the negative impact sharia law can have on human rights. It made this point at the recent OSCE Human Dimension meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Its intervention was delivered in French but is now available with English subtitles in the video below:

In the video below former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din seems to be expressing similar concerns to those that ICLA has been voicing. He suggested the importance of man made law (secular law) as an alternative to Islamic law (the fiqh). ICLA applauds him for his comments and suggests that Western governments take note of his words when they make plans to confront ISIS in Iraq and Islamism more generally. Ayad Jamal Al-Din is a man that they should be listening to as well as organisations like ICLA that have been making these points for many years.

The following video of Ayad Jamal Al-Din’s remarks was posted by MERMRI TV: