Rabia Kazan “This is Not My Allah” Press Conference, The Hilton, Times Square, 15 October 2014

By • on October 13, 2014

Spurred by recent and much-publicized atrocities committed by ISIS in the name of Islam, Ms. Kazan hopes to ignite a worldwide resistance movement of Muslims and all people of conscience to denounce violence committed in the name of religion by such groups as ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and others.

Ms. Kazan intends to speak out about the specific dangers that Islamic extremism poses for women, a danger she knows firsthand. Deciding to remove her hijab (veil) a few years ago, she became an instant target, threatened with death.

Rabia Press Conference 600

Rabia Kazan’s This is Not My Allah Call to Action includes the following actions:

  1. Implore Imams to preach tolerance, love and non-violence.
  2. Implore Muslim educators in madrassas and beyond to educate young Muslim students about the interlocking relationship of the three Abrahamic religions and respect for all faiths.
  3. Beseech Muslim mothers in particular to teach their children that the atrocities being perpetrated in the name of Allah as blasphemous and antithetical to their religion. Muslim children have now seen bloodshed and beheadings in the name of God; that is the beginning of mind poisoning. Muslim mothers must take an active role in re-educating their children.
  4. Encourage Muslims who have experienced the sting of the radical interpretation of their religion to share their stories on her website or Facebook page.

For more information see press release HERE.