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By • on February 12, 2014


Much has been written about the tyrannical impulses and democratic deficit of the European Union.  There is now the possibility that it may now be on the verge of suppressing the most basic freedom of all – freedom of expression.

In response, a petition has been put forward to members of the European Parliament opposing the plans.  The petition and more information can be found HERE.

While the plans, put forward by an NGO, might have been put together with good intentions in order to alleviate real problems, it is the opinion of ICLA that the proposed measures will do more harm than good.  Freedom of expression is the bedrock on which all other freedoms are built.  To attack freedom of expression puts freedom itself in great jeopardy.  Without freedom of expression there is no way for difficult social and political issues to be talked about openly and resolved.   Freedom of expression is what makes a tolerant and diverse society possible.

Any proposals that include provisions for ‘re-education’ should set alarm bells ringing for anyone who values our previously free and open society.  What will the next proposal be – the gulags for thought crime!

The following is from the petition webpage:

These plans conflict with many fundamental rights, such as freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of science, freedom of art and freedom of speech, which are guaranteed in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We, the citizens of Europe, do not want a totalitarian structure of states, where opinions are dictated and where we have to fear that our neighbors will report us to the government for making critical statements!

We do not want a Europe where teenagers have to endure re-education measures after making a joke about feminism!

We do not want a Europe where the media are supervised and censored!

We do not want a Europe where people are convicted and punished for critical statements or satire!

The signatories of this petition call on the members of the European Parliament and on the members of the national governments and parliaments belonging to the EU:

1)      Stop the “European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance”, provided that you can vote on it!

2)      Prevent national or EU authorities, from monitoring and re-educating EU citizens!

3)      Protect freedom of speech, it is the basis of democracy and the rule of law!

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