Albina Kurmanbekova – Victims of Sharia

By • on December 27, 2013

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NB. This matter is EXTREMELY URGENT – the decision on Albina’s case by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is imminent ACT NOW AS INDICATED BELOW:

Sharia Reference: Apostasy From Islam (Ridda) – Reliance of the Traveller (page 595, o8.0)

Human Rights Abused: Freedom of Religion, Gender Equality.

Human Rights References: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18, Article 16, and Article 1; European Convention of Human Rights Article 9; United States Constitution First Amendment.

Report from:, and CreepingSharia

Background to the Case: Albina Kurmanbekova was born a Muslim in Kyrgyzstan but converted to Christianity.  Apostasy is a crime under sharia law and returning her to her country of origin may be extremely harmful to her personal safety. The second class status of women under sharia is also of relevance.  In Kyrgyzstan this status is made even worse by the local cultural practice of ‘bridenapping’ which combines kidnapping with forced marriage. Albina legally entered the United States on a work-and-travel visa and has respected American laws by going through the official channels to seek asylum. More information can be found at at, and CreepingSharia.

Goal: For Albina Kurmanbekova to be granted asylum in the United States of America.

Action – URGENT: The International Civil Liberties Alliance recommends activists to do the following:

  1. Write to President Obama: Citizens of the United States could write to or telephone President Obama about this issue – guidelines for contacting the President can be found HERE (includes letters by mail, via the White House website, by telephone, using Twitter, and by email.
  2. If you are resident in their Districts write to Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) or Chris Smith (R-NJ) who we understand are interested in human rights issues.

NB. The decision on Albina’s case by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is imminent so your action on this is a matter of great urgency. Be polite and respectful in your letters/communications.