Does Freedom of Speech Trump Religious Teachings? – Austrian Supreme Court Sits Today In The Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Case

By • on December 11, 2013


Elisabeth’s free speech website reports that Tundra Tabloids will be live blogging from the Austrian Supreme Court House through one of Elisabeth’s close confidants. The Austrian Supreme Court will be hearing Elisabeth’s case on 11 December (today) at 10.00h CET.

Her lawyer told her this is to seen as a very positive sign as the court could have and would have thrown out the case in written form. So, we may assume that the case will not be thrown out. This leaves the following two possibilities:

Elisabeth will be acquitted, or ;
The case goes back to the lower courts.
The main question to be discussed is the merit/of what Elisabeth said. Does freedom of speech trump religious teachings?

Learn more about Elisabeth’s story at:

Click HERE to view the Live Blogging



UPDATE: The Austrian Supreme Court upheld Elizabeth’s conviction of denigration of religious beliefs.

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