ICLA Calls On British Government To Embrace Intercultural Dialogue

By • on October 30, 2013

UK Gov 2 bThe International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) is a firm believer in dialogue, discussion and conflict resolution.  In the last decade much fear has been allowed to build up due to an unwillingness to discuss important social issues.  To some people discussion of such issues has even become taboo!  People’s genuine concerns have been brushed aside and as a result fears have escalated and misconceptions and mistrust have grown.  This situation cannot be allowed to continue and as a result of a recent initiative in the UK the British Government is in a unique position to start solving these problems.

The recent rapprochement between former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and Muslims from the Quilliam Foundation is something on which a new process of dialogue can be built. The Tommy-Quilliam (TQ) Process has the potential to bring a broad range of stakeholders together to solve many social problems and heal the divisions that exist in our society.

Successive governments in the UK have highlighted the importance of community cohesion.  We are now presented with an opportunity to work to begin to make that cohesive society a reality.  Government and civil society should come together to ensure that this opportunity is not missed.

ICLA therefore calls up the British Government to endorse the TQ Process and participate in it.  We can then work together with our international partners to share good practice with governments and civil society actors in other countries.