What About Jihad?

By • on October 1, 2013


With thanks to Gates of Vienna for the writeup, where the article was first published.

Below is the intervention read by Dave Petteys, representing ACT for America 5280 Coalition at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Session 1 “Preventing Aggressive Nationalism, Racism and Chauvinism”, Warsaw, September 23, 2013.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading this video:

The prepared text of Mr. Petteys’ remarks is below (pdf here):

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It is my pleasure to address this esteemed body on the very important topic of “PREVENTING AGGRESSIVE NATIONALISM, RACISM AND CHAUVINISM” as delineated in the Annotated Agenda.

To quote: “The participating States are invited to discuss ways of counteracting the rise of extreme nationalist discourse in the political process, effective strategies to promote more inclusive and cohesive societies as well as adequate legal responses in dealing with hate crimes, discrimination, racism, as violent manifestations of extremism associated with aggressive nationalism and neo-Nazism.”

What strikes me, Mr. Moderator, is the glaring omission! No mention has been made of Islamic Jihad that is wreaking havoc around the world, from Indonesia, to Nigeria to Syria, to Nairobi, and even in the OSCE participating States themselves! There have been over 21,000 deadly attacks of Islamic Jihad since Sept 11, 2001 with the loss of countless lives. If the goal of the OSCE is to establish “Security and Cooperation in Europe”, this body cannot simply ignore Jihad and hope it will go away.

The assumption seems to be that Jihad is caused by poverty and support for Israel. But if that were true, the billions in aid support in the Middle East, and tolerance of Muslim immigration into the west should be yielding a more peaceful integrated society.

Yet citizens of the West are facing a growing hostility from Muslim communities who express no intention of integrating! In fact, they are forming enclaves that become “no-go zones” for local authorities, such as the French “Zones Urbaines Sensibles” or the Tower Hamlets in London.

The Qur’anic Doctrine of Islamic Supremacy breeds INTOLERANCE of Christians and Jews4! Muslim leaders even talk openly of Islamizing their host societies.

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