Video Coverage of ICLA’s Mission to the Recent OSCE Meeting in Vienna

By • on August 12, 2013

More information on ICLAs 2013 Mission to the OSCE in Vienna can be found HERE.

The following is intended to provide easy access to the video material that we compiled at the recent meeting in Vienna.

ICLA’s Henrik Ræder Clausen raises the issue of the political influence of the Southern Poverty Law Centre and the drawing up political blacklists.

Chad Wilton, representing the United States Governments responds to the ICLA submission about the SPLC. Of course he sidesteps the issue of the undue political influence of the SPLC.

Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff talks about the problem of two tier policing in the United Kingdom.

Henrik Ræder Clausen argues for improving human rights by reducing rather than increasing legal tools which are increasingly used to undermine rather that bolster human rights.

Dr. Harald Fiegl of Mission Europa calls for a proper definition for Islamophobia

In response to Dr. Fiegl, the Turkish government representative Mr. Umut Topcuoglu quotes the definition of “Islamophobia” provided by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

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