Saudi Arabia Arrests 53 Ethiopians For Practicing Christianity

By • on February 25, 2013

Here is yet another OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) member state showing contempt for the OIC inspired UNHRC Resolution 16/18 that purports to stand up for religious freedom.  The following video highlights the case of 53 Ethiopians who were arrested for practicing Christianity in Saudi Arabia.  Of course students of Islamic history will recall that Negus, the King of Ethiopia (Abyssinia) was the protector of the earliest Muslim emigrants who were supposedly persecuted back in Mecca (1).  It seems that Saudi gratitude to Ethiopia leaves much to be desired!  Where is the interfaith dialogue in Saudi Arabia?  Once again we see OIC talk about religious freedom for what it is.  The OIC clearly does not believe in religious freedom or even understands what it means.  Western Governments which support the OIC and its initiatives are supporters of tyranny and religious bigotry.  To pretend that the OIC is an advocate of religious freedom is not just laughable it is perverse!

Readers should look at UNHRC Resolution 16/18, that was made at the insistence of the OIC, and ask themselves whether the OIC member states live up to it?  It it really worth giving up freedom of expression in the West so that the religious tyrants of the OIC can spread the norms of sharia and expand the sphere of misery that it creates?

Hat Tip: Vlad Tepes

ICLA calls for religious freedom in Saudi Arabia.  We call upon Western Governments to put pressure on the OIC to demand that OIC member states respect religious freedoms.  We also call upon Western Governments to withdraw from dealings with the OIC until religious tolerance is officially guaranteed in all OIC member states.  We believe that the UNHRC, if it actually is a defender of human rights, should officially condemn the Saudi Government for its appalling record with regard to religious freedom.

(1) Negus, King of Ethiopia: Protector of the Earliest Muslim Emigrants (


By halefoms on November 16th, 2013 at 06:52

saudi arabia is the back ward ciuntry by any means i.e its calander &thier thinking mind is not matching with this today’s real world.this un fair religious followers of muslim society are not normal people