Religious Cleansing In Western Backed Rebel Syria

By • on December 3, 2012

We saw the emergence of the term Ethnic Cleansing during the Balkan War of the 1990s.  In late 2012 we are witnessing the emergence of another term – Religious Cleansing.   This time the ‘cleansing’ is done by the proxies of Western governments in places like Syria.  Are Western governments therefore complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity?  This is causing mass migrations as victims flee the terror of sharia compliance.

What is Western support for the sharia states of the Arab ‘Spring’ doing for freedom and human rights? Western governments are replacing secular dictatorships with religious ones. What is their ultimate goal? More sharia states in the Middle East based on the Saudi model is certainly not in the interest of the Western public. A pattern is emerging – Western governments support sharia both at home and abroad. They support it at home by not opposing UNHRC Resolution 16/18 which despite its rhetoric is against religious freedom as well as freedom of speech. Western governments must be acting towards some goal known only to themselves and their cronies.

An article by Thieeey Meyssan at Global Research suggests that the new religious dictatorship that has been established in the Syrian city of Aleppo is actively backed by France. (1)  Specific concerns have been raised about the plight of Syrian Christians who are too afraid to register as refugees for fear of what will happen to them. (2)  Agenzia Fides reports on the blowing up of the historic Arabic Evangelical Church of Aleppo and thus gives context to what is effectively becoming the religious cleansing of Christians in Syria. (3)

Those of us who are concerned about the spread of sharia wrote about what would happen as a result of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ when it was first backed by Western governments.  Our politicians did not listen we were ridiculed and demonised by the media! Now our predictions have come true and we are still ignored.  It is as if the powers that be in the Western world planned this outcome from the beginning.

Western governments have been and still are actively encouraging sectarian strife, cynically calling it democracy and wrapping it up in cuddly rhetoric!  However, it still remains what it is – a crime against humanity! Indeed are Western news organisations that do not give these terrible crimes the coverage they deserve also aiding and abetting and covering up such crimes?  The anti-Israel coverage of Western news organisations gave us a flavour of their pro-sharia bias.  After all it was the Hamas terrorists who started firing rockets at civilians in Israel yet Israel was portrayed as the aggressor.  In Syria, sharia inspired violence is effectively been covered up by the mainstream Western media. Raymond Ibrahim in a FrontPage article (4) describes how Western leaders and media are constantly making excuses for sharia inspired behaviour.

Meanwhile in Egypt Salafists are also engaged in anti-Christian activities.(5) It this what Western governments are aiming for in Syria? It is not difficult to see the patterns that are emerging and the centrality of the imposition of sharia norms.  In the Western world itself, the same governments who are complicit in religious cleansing in the Middle East appear to have similar aims at home.  They are clamping down on free speech, and some would argue on Christians there, in order to facilitate the implementation of sharia compliance.  It is likely that they will soon implement the demands of the OIC and implement anti-blasphemy legislation that themselves are inspired by sharia.

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