Sharia ‘Justice’ in the West – The Shape Of Things To Come If The OIC Gets Its Way

By • on October 19, 2012

Thought Crime: The burning of a 16th century Dutch Anabaptist Anneken Hendriks for heresy

Fazil Say, a pianist, is on trial in supposedly “secular”, “democratic”, and “tolerant” Turkey for “insulting Islam”.  This is all that is needed for you to be on the receiving end of outright state persecution!  This could be a regular sight in Western courtrooms if the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) gets its way.

The OIC was the main proponent of UNHRC resolution 16/18 which claims to be about religious tolerance. This resolution is effectively already law in OIC member states and this case illustrates clearly how it is applied.  Far from being a tool of religious tolerance it is in fact an instrument of outright religious persecution.  This Turkish example shows exactly how UNHRC 16/18 works in practice.

People are already persecuted in the West, and UNHRC 16/18 will formalise that persecution and make it much easier.  If a pianist did the same deed in the West then they would undoubtedly have be unfairly labelled “racist”, lost their job, have been harassed by the police, and told repeatedly what a bad person they are.

The incremental move towards a sharia future has been going on for some time now in the West. First comes the application of ‘soft’ power, then comes oppressive legislation, then come even more oppressive measures to ensure compliance with orthodoxy.  When political correctness is mingled with sharia compliance the possibilities become truly scary.

The illustration at the top of this page which depicts the burning of a 16th century Dutch Anabaptist Anneken Hendriks for heresy may seem a little over the top.  But the attempt to forcibly control minds leads in the direction of just that kind of unacceptable horror and brutality. Today we are effectively been ordered to unlearn the lessons of the Enlightenment.  The Western world is currently lurching back to a pre-Englightenment future.

If it is possible for states to persecute ‘Tweet Criminals’ it is possible for them to persecute just about anybody.  The question is what will be the next thing that our rulers decide is in our best interests.  We know from experience that rulers are never satisfied and will soon be looking at the next opportunity to oppress people and deprive them of liberty. In any case, if Western Governments surrender to the OIC, then be careful what you Tweet – anything deemed a thought crime by sharia may result in some serious prison time

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