Freedom of expression – Silencing intellectuals: BPE Statement to OSCE Human Dimension Meeting in Warsaw

By • on October 6, 2012


OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Working Session 1

Fundamental Freedoms I

Freedom of Expression

Warsaw, September 24, 2012

Freedom of expression – Silencing intellectuals

We bring to the attention of the participating States, in particular the German delegation, the case of German professor Armin Geus who a year ago wrote a book called Die Krankheit des Propheten (“The Illness of the Prophet”) and who has been reported to the German authorities in the city of Marburg for “Incitement to hatred against peoples” and “Insulting faiths, religious communities and philosophical associations”. It is obvious that apart from the so-called “political correctness”, there is a campaign to establish “scientific correctness”, which is aimed at stifling the constitutional right
to freedom of scientific inquiry, especially when aimed at the foundation of Islam.1

BPE urges Germany not to give in to intimidation and as a result stifle free thought a well as scientific study.

BPE reminds ODIHR of its commitments: “…guaranteeing the freedom of artistic creation […] form[s] part of the human dimension of the CSCE. They consider that independent intellectual […] life is crucial for the maintenance of free societies and democratic institutions.” (Moscow 1991).

BPE encourages ODIHR to implement its commitments regarding these fundamental freedoms.

1 ,