Stephen Lennon, Deputy Leader of British Freedom, Addresses a Meeting In Florence Shortly Before Receiving Oriana Fallaci Award

By • on September 29, 2012

Stephen Lennon of the British Freedom Party addresses the Oriana Fallaci memorial conference in Florence shortly before he received a prestigious free speech award.  Mr Lennon gives an outline of his battle against enforced sharia compliance in Great Britain. The following is the video of his speech:


By PJUK on September 30th, 2012 at 15:36

Stephen tells it like it is. It’s ironic how we so often get told Islam a religion of peace, yet so-called ordinary non-militant muslims will get enraged and engage in violence in the name of the so-called prophet if anyone dares speak the truth, which is afterall only repeating what is written in their own quran as Stephen said. Adultery, rape, child molestation, theft..oh he missed out pimping, child sex slavery, murder, terrorism and genocide.

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