Threats To Freedom Of Expression Explored – Can We Talk About This? Comes To London

By • on March 18, 2012

The word ‘offence’ in recent years has gone hand in hand with the decline of the right to freedom of expression.  The right not to be offended increasingly trumps the right to freedom of expression in contemporary society.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to discuss important social and political issues as a result of censorship and self- censorship.  Effective policy making is not possible in such an environment and democracy and freedom in general are imperiled as a result.

Can We Talk About This? is a production that uses the medium of dance to explore the issues and makes them accessible to a broader public that might otherwise not consider them.

The issue of freedom of expression is perhaps the most important political issue in the contemporary West but it is something that people are generally afraid to address for fear of causing offense.  In a year when the EU hosts a meeting of the ‘Istanbul Process’, that seeks to further erode our right to freedom of expression at the behest of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – a group of countries not well known for their support for free expression, the promotion of freedom of expression as one of the central pillars of our civilisation is urgently needed.

The following discusses the threat posed by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to our freedom of expression: The Organization of Islamic Co-operation Needs To Get Its Own House In Order Before It Lectures The West


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