Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Demonstrates Its Rampant Homophobia

By • on February 21, 2012

The Organisation for Islamic Cooperation does what it can to wear the clothes of human rights despite the human rights records of many of its member states.  The Geneva based NGO UN Watch reported  that the 56 member voting bloc in the UN refused to participate in a debate about homophobic violence.  It appears that the OIC mask is slipping and it is beginning to show its true colours.

Readers of this website will no doubt be aware that the OIC has been campaigning against freedom of speech for many years in its effort to create a global blasphemy law.  Western governments have already embarked on a policy of appeasement with regard to the OIC and its tyrannical demands.  The US State Department has already hosted a meeting of the ‘Istanbul Process’ and the EU plans to follow suit later this year.  If freedom of speech is abolished then perhaps the OIC will try to pass the persecution of homosexuals off as a religious right and therefore demand punishment for anyone who criticises it.

The OIC’s attitude towards homophobia is completely unacceptable and the way such an organisation gets to lecture the world on human rights issues beggars belief.  It is incomprehensible that supposedly progressive Western states fawn on this organisation and apparently indulge its every whim.  The Istanbul Process is an effort on the part of the OIC to spread its outdated and tyrannical practices to societies that were once free.  It is time for Western leaders to  see OIC efforts for what they are.

The leaders of Western countries by acquiescing with the demands of the OIC are showing their own tyrannical streak.  They may claim to be tolerant and progressive but their actions suggest otherwise.  It would appear that the human rights garb worn by the OIC  and its member states is the most ill fitting and dishevelled ensemble that fools no one but perhaps the credulous pro-sharia leaders of the Western world.