Tommy Robinson To Spend Tenth Anniversary Of 9/11 As A Political Prisoner

By • on September 10, 2011

Those who have been relying on the partisan and biased mainstream media for their news may be blissfully unaware that the EDL’s inspirational leader, Tommy Robinson, has been suffering as a political prisoner this last week.  The ‘political police’ of the regime at Downing Street arrested him for breaching his anti-democratic and draconian bail conditions following his appearance at the EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets.  In protest against the actions of a politically motivated police force and judiciary, who take their direction from tyrants in Government, Tommy has been on hunger strike since the start of his incarceration.

It is clear now that Britain is now in the grip of tyranny, being run by power crazed zealots who are intolerant of any views that contradict their own.  Those who are familiar with the 1987 film Cry Freedom will draw obvious parallels between the bail conditions imposed on Tommy and the banning order given to the hero of the film, Steve Biko.  It is clear for all to see that the United Kingdom has now descended, in civil rights terms, to the level of apartheid South Africa.  This is not surprising given that the political establishment is facilitating the rise of the apartheid system of sharia to replace the freedoms and protections of English Common Law.  How long before the authorities take to bulldozing Tommy’s house?

Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister at the time of 9/11, has recently said ‘…I realised, too, immediately that our world had changed’ in relation to the barbaric attack on America.  Well, that is very clear, and Mr Blair, his cronies, and his successors and their cronies have made sure that that was definitely change for the worse.  Some of the consequences of 9/11 included an increase in the influence of sharia, the empowerment of Islamism, the undermining of freedom of speech including the creation of anti-free-speech legislation, an increased influence of organisations like the Muslim Council of Britain, the demonization of those asking awkward questions about Islam, and the creation of a two-tier legal system.  During the Danish cartoon controversy we saw a mob of Muslim extremists outside the Danish Embassy waving placards denouncing democracy and making terrible threats towards our society while the police looked on.  It seems that the people can say whatever they like so long as it is done in the name of Mohammed, whereas others are demonised, arrested, imprisoned, and ‘banned’ when they voice their opinions.

The oligarchs who control Britain have given the terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 a huge victory.  The terrorists attacked Western freedoms, the oligarchs and their political and media yes-men effectively implemented their will.  Opponents of the ruling regime are now demonised, threatened, persecuted, and locked up.  English traditions of free expression and equality before the law are in tatters and sharia begins to fill the gap created by those who are deliberately destroying our society from the highest positions of power and privilege.

Political persecution is wrong, whether it is perpetrated by the South African Apartheid regime or by the London-based pro-sharia Cameronocracy.  It is unacceptable whether its victim is Stephen Biko or Stephen Lennon.


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