Islamic Insurrection Watch: Rosengård, Sweden

By • on May 21, 2011

The well meaning, naive, Swedish people have encouraged radical Islam into its towns and cities and many now wonder why they are faced with disorder in places like Rosengård. If their leaders had bothered to read up on Islamic history or looked at what happens when Islam comes into contact with other cultures they may not have put their people into such a dangerous situation. Perhaps the Swedish elite hate their own people so much they are willing to inflict this situation upon them deliberately. In any case, Swedish authorities seem to be losing control of their own towns and cities.

Of course Sweden is not alone, the entire Western world is populated by masses of docile people are imbecilic political elites whose attitudes are forsaking future generations to the barbarous inhumanity of sharia. Like on so many occasions in history it falls upon the few to speak out against the damage that is being done to our societies.