The Second Annual ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ – 20 May 2011

By • on May 20, 2011

It’s that time of year again where people put pen to paper and draw the Prophet of Islam.  It hardly seems a year since the first ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’.  Last year’s inaugural event was called in response to the vile ‘warning’ against South Park creators who had depicted Mohammed in a bear suit.

Hopefully this exercise will be repeated every year until all Muslims everywhere show the appropriate level of respect to the sacred Western tradition of freedom of expression.  Western Governments may bow and scrape in response to threats from the religion of peace, but the ordinary people of Western Civilisation will never surrender their fundamental values whatever their political leaders or members of the Muslim community say.  Under Islam it is forbidden to draw the so-called prophet Mohammed, but when it comes down to it we are not under Islam and never will be.  It is about time Muslims everywhere realise that there are people all over the world who completely reject Islam and that will never embrace it or the silly ideas that form its basis.

Here are some examples or work done for ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ 2011:



See a very amusing .gif over at Tundra Tabloids.

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