“Colonel Robert Neville” Addresses The Australian Defence League (ADL) Demonstration In Melbourne On 15 May 2011

By • on May 17, 2011

Colonel Robert Neville gives an excellent speech at the Counterjihad event in Melbourne, Australia on 15 May 2011.  He addresses the central left wing tactic of name calling and avoidance of debating the actual issues.  The left know that they do not have an argument so they resort to insinuation innuendo.  They cannot even indirectly address the basic question of ‘Is sharia good or is it bad?’  People have the right to say that sharia is bad and that it should not be encouraged in Western societies.  People have the right to oppose any political imposition that impacts on the way our society is run and how it develops.


It seems that the main supporters for sharia in the Western world are the socialists and communists, groups who also claim to be champions of women’s rights and gay rights, and pride themselves in being ‘progressive’.  There is nothing progressive about sharia, and its left wing proponents care more about attacking their own civilisation than in living up to their own ideas.  It is truly pathetic!

Leftists say that there is no plan for sharia law in Western countries and that people have nothing to complain about.   Do they expect people to wait until those wanting sharia are numerous and politically powerfull before they complain about worrying trends, the evidence for which is all around for those willing to open their eyes.  I would agree that no Government in the West would openly establish sharia law and call it what it is.  History has shown us that the imposition of sharia often occurs very gradually over a long period of time.  Its proponents wait for numerical superiority or for a time when they a politically powerful.  Look for instance at the way Islam changed when it moved from its political weakness and minority status in Mecca during the time of Mohammed to the time when he established the Islamic state in Medina.  Compare how it treated people before and after the migration to Medina.  Get a copy of the Koran that shows where the Koranic suras were revealed and you will find the most violent and intolerant suras were revealed during the Media period.  Also be aware of the Islamic practice of abrogation which means that earlier suras are made null and void when later suras contradict them.

What the Counterjihad is actually protesting about at this moment in time is sharia norms, and sharia norms are being embedded across the Western world.  Sharia is battling for political, social, and economic space.  Sharia finance, unheard of a hundred years ago is something that Islamists claim is so important to them.  In reality it is just a stick to bully the West and get us to accept sharia norms.  The big push for halal meat is design to seize control of our meat processing industry, and halal meat is imposed on non-Muslims out of industrial convenience without their consent.  Constant demands for this or that concession from Islam demonstrates clearly its overbearing agenda to bully and cajole to make the world Islamic.  Look at Muslim only swimming days in public baths which implies the creation of an apartheid society, the undermining of Christmas celebrations that are seen as ‘offensive’ to Islam, the undermining of Western norms in our society and the promotion of Islamic norms, the apparent relative leniency of law enforcement sanctions when the perpetrator is a Muslim, the undermining of key Western values such as freedom of expression – freedom of expression without the right to offend is not free expression.  It is normal for sharia to demand punishment of those who insult or even tell the truth about their so-called prophet Mohammed, it is not normal for free Western societies.  The erosion of the right to criticise is incontrovertible evidence that sharia norms are becoming embedded in our society.

Just look at the historical record and see how Islam has behaved towards other cultures across the ages.  Look at the borders of Islam today.  Combine that with the Islamic ‘baby boom’ in the West and you can see clearly that and increasing Islamic population will demand more and more as their numbers and therefore political power grows.  A poll referred to in the British Daily Telegraph suggested that 40% of British Muslims wanted sharia law.

Do the lefties really think that people are going to sit on their hands and not protest when the long term trend suggests a massive move towards sharia law?  Let them cry racist, it just makes them look ill informed, ill educated, closed minded, and out of touch with reality anyway!


By Colonel Neville on May 21st, 2011 at 08:29

Ahah. Thanks for the kind host, kid. Who IS that ham? Why, it appears to be me! No, really. Colonel Neville.

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