The Continuing Persecution Of Tommy Robinson

By • on May 15, 2011

While the powers that be focus on sanitising Islam and constantly worry about people who disagree with its fundamental tenants the real persecution orchestrated by the state itself is being waged against non-Muslims such as English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson.

The first time the state failed in its campaign against Mr Robinson, so they obviously thought they would have another go.   On 11 May Mr Robinson had to pay £315 for confronting those who were burning a representation of a poppy.  Contrast this with the £50 that the man who did the actual burning had to pay.  It is quite clear from this that there is a two tier legal system in Britain and that sharia norms, under which Muslims are treated more leniently, are being followed in Britain.  The EDL has responded to the news of Mr Robinson’s fine on its website.  In any case, Mr Robinson was effectively helping the police do their job – it is the police who should have removed the Islamic flag of war from the Islamic poppy burning demonstration.  If the police did their job and protected the public from what amounts to declarations of war by some elements of the Islamic community then these situations would not arise.

The media for its part does everything it can to demonise and exclude those who are concerned about the rise of sharia norms in Britain.  A case in point was today’s episode of The Big Questions on BBC1 which offered a very limited debate on Islam in Britain but failed to get past the usual platitudes and denials that there is not a problem.   We were fed the usual lines such as how there are many different types of Islam; however they always forget to mention that these different types of Islam have a great deal of bad practices in common, practices that are a threat to our way of life.  Programmes that on the surface imply that they will be debating the issues end up as platforms for the expression of Islamic grievances.  The White working class in Britain has far more to complain about than British Muslims who have been indulged to extreme levels by the establishment and had a great deal of money wasted on them and their communities that could have been put to much better use for the broader national interest.  Surely it is time to dispense with the pretend debates and have real ones that include people who don’t necessarily agree with the BBC’s approved interpretation of contemporary history.

Opponents of sharia are demonised by the media and persecuted by the courts, but just like the oppressed social movements of the past who created our democracy the Counterjihad will never be deterred from its defence of Western Civilisation and its commitment to real tolerance and progress.

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