Opponents Of The United States Constitution Go On The Rampage Against Pastor Terry Jones Outside City Hall In Dearborn Michigan On 29 April 2011

By • on April 30, 2011

Terry Jones was recently imprisoned for practicing his First Amendment Rights.  Collaborators in the Islamisation of America may say that the first amendment does not apply to causing offence.  However such a position is ludicrous because any speech can offend.  Speech promoting Islam is grossly offensive to many people, but that would never be prevented because what proponents of the ‘offence clause’ in free speech really mean is that people should not criticise Islam.  The way many Muslims react to criticism means that Islam must be mocked until such people realise that they do not have the right to impose their religion on the world.  Bowing to their demands means accepting their world view and such appeasement always results in more demands.  Muslims who respect other cultures and other religions must accept that those cultures have the right and the obligation to protect themselves and such Muslims should help them do so.

Asking a non-Muslim to respect the Koran is to ask them to submit to Islam.  The constant lobbying for laws to protect Islam from ‘defamation’ is an outrage especially when the evil and seditious system of sharia is allowed to grow unchecked.  Governments who implement laws to protect Islam from ‘defamation’ (aka legitimate criticism) are in effect embarking on a programme of forced Islamisation of their people and the implementation of sharia law by the backdoor.  The choice between freedom of speech and freedom to Islamise has been made by governments, and their decision to criminalise free speech is the wrong choice from the perspective of Western cultural norms.  Free speech without the right to criticise and offend is not free speech at all.  Whatever ludicrous verbal dance those who want to betray Western Civilisation do to say otherwise does not make their position so.

The following video covers the Pastor Terry Jones protest on the steps of City Hall in Dearborn, Michigan.  The quiet dignity of those who favour free speech is contrasted starkly with the missile throwing mob of those who support sharia norms in America.  In England it is the opponents of the English Defence League who initiate violence and in America it appears from this footage that opponents of the American Constitution have the same impulses.  While Terry Jones and his group peacefully protest, his opponents go on a violent rampage, that says it all really.  The choice is between Western norms and sharia norms, and it is impossible to have both.


  • http://infidelsunited.com David Pax

    What was left out of EVERY news broadcast that I have seen so far is the fact that the jihadis were throwing water bottles full of urine! You can read more about that in an article I wrote called “islam – The Religion of Piss” which also has a picture of one of the water bottles thrown at us – http://infidelsunited.com/articles/118/islam-the-religion-of-piss

    The most obvious question is this… “If islam is so peaceful, then why does it take a small army of riot gear clad policemen to protect Jones and his supporters?!”

    F!@#$ islam !!!

    Never give in! Never give up! Never surrender!

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