Islamophilia: Ann Barnhardt Discusses Politicians Who Give Comfort To Those Who Want Sharia Norms

By • on April 16, 2011

We have seen in the West how people have been persecuted by the authorities for burning the so-called holy book of Islam.  If a book like the Koran was written today it would undoubtedly be banned because it promotes violence and hate.  It seems that because many Muslims are prepared to resort to violence in order to impose aspects of their religion on society, such as respecting their holy books that promote hatred of non-Muslims, spineless politicians exempt them from the civilised rules that everyone else has to follow.  Witness the way Muslims who were involved in the burning the symbol of British war dead, the poppy, were treated with great leniency.  Witness the way Muslims get away with burning our national flags.

If anyone should be dragged before the courts it should be those who encourage sharia as such encouragement under any rational legal system would be considered an act of sedition.  Politicians who try to stop people highlighting the evils contained in the Koran are also guilty of sedition and should also be put on trial for this.  Many politicians in the West practice Islamophilia while at the same time undermining the institutions and traditions of their own countries.  This in the period before the current crop of politicians perverted the political and legal systems of the West would have been called treason.

Are laws that are brought about by traitors legal?  Will they be rescinded when politicians come to power that put the national interest first, or would brining them to justice require retroactive legislation?  Of course we would argue against retroactive legislation as it is fundamentally unjust, but as politicians trample on people’s rights and undermine the very constitutions that outlaw ex post facto laws can we be certain that future governments or factions within them might not call for the implementation of such laws in view of the seriousness of the acts committed.

The current political elite of the world have set a precedent with regard to ‘war crimes’.  They argue that if leaders of ‘rouge states’ acting in a way that this elite does not like be brought to trial.  The same logic could of course, and should be applied, to those politicians who are engaged in cultural genocide and sharia promotion.  Sharia, it could be argued, is also a crime against humanity.  There is no compromise with sharia – the choice is freedom or sharia, it is impossible to have both.

In the following video Ann Barnhardt argues against politicians who are effectively trying to impose sharia norms on America and stifle the dissent of those who don’t want to live under the barbarity of such norms.