Sarah Palin Discusses The Muslim Brotherhood

By • on February 13, 2011

In this video Sarah Palin addresses the issues of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  She seems to be one of the few politicians who actually understand the situation and the danger of appeasing groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood are top of the line Islamists and are as dangerous as they come.  They cannot be dealt with, they oppose Western values, and their elevation to power in  Egypt will bring them on an inevitable collision course with the West.

Many mainstream politicians seem to be embracing the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood will play a role in a future democratic Egypt.  If that is the case then Egyptian democracy will be a very short-lived thing indeed.  Democracy is a man-made system of government and the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamist organisation opposes such systems, favouring the rule of sharia which is based on what Muslims see as divine law.  Many politicians delude themselves to think that the Muslim Brotherhood are not a set of extremists and enemies of the West.  They might be elected to the Government of Egypt by popular vote, just as Hamas were in Gaza, but that does not make a country democratic when their goal is to end democracy and replace it with sharia.

Why are so many politicians so stupid? Why are they sacrificing the stability of the world in order to appease Islam?  If the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt, then sooner or later the West will need to go to war with that country.  It seems that the politicians do not understand the stakes involved when they implement policies based on wishful thinking rather than reality.

David Horowitz also has something to say about the Muslim Brotherhood:

As far as Liberties Alliance is concerned, when it comes to dealing with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, there is a stark choice – war or slavery. The Muslim Brotherhood, as an Islamist outfit, is a clear and present threat to human rights and must be opposed.

  • Christian

    No sources? Wonder why…Because all of this is false! The Muslim Brotherhood has supported democracy for centuries and supports peace. Where are my facts? Kepel’s book Jihad for a start. Or google Muslim Brotherhood and read about them. Stop making up facts because you are afraid of a religion you know nothing about.

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