Douglas Murray Calls For Counterjihad Unity At One Law For All Seminar

By • on January 29, 2011

One Law For All held its ‘Enemies not Allies’ seminar in London on 26 January 2011 and it seems that Douglas Murray may have told them some home truths that they did not necessarily want to hear.  In our coverage in the run up to the event we emphasised the need for unity and that the struggle against sharia cannot be won by the political left in splendid isolation.  We believe that left and right, conservative and liberal, working class and middle class, black and white, Jew and Gentile, and the whole range of other opposites who share our basic aims and basic values, come together in unity to make sure that the expansion of sharia is stopped.


In his speech to the seminar on 26 January, Douglas Murray echoed the points we were trying to make, and did so very effectively.  In particular Mr Murray seemed to express a willingness to reach out to the English Defence League (EDL), who have been demonised by to some extent by the political and media establishment, and by some on the political left.  In fact the EDL was a particular target of implied criticism of the ‘Enemies not Allies’ seminar itself which suggested in its publicity statement that the EDL, amongst others, had ‘hijacked’ the debate on sharia.  The EDL Mission Statement makes it clear that it is an inclusive and outward looking organisation.  Far from hijacking the debate, the EDL has joined an international alliance of people who are concerned about the rise of sharia.  As a member of this alliance it does not dictate terms, it contributes, and it benefits from the contributions of others.

Mr Murray presented the case for unity very eloquently.  Perhaps on day in the near future, One Law for All will reconsider its position about working with others and perhaps even join the global Counterjihad in its united struggle to release the world from the tyranny of sharia.  One Law for All has done some good work and its commitment to opposing sharia is in no doubt.  If it can open its mind and work with the rest of us then its effectiveness and our effectiveness will be increased dramatically.