Islamist Acts of Hatred Go Unpunished in Great Britain – Are Muslims Above the Law?

By Aeneas • on November 14, 2010

People will have undoubtedly witnessed the outrageous acts of Islamic hatred against the British people.  They will also have witnessed how, on the whole, those who perpetrated those acts have, as usual gone unpunished.  Muslims protestors burned our symbol of remembrance on 11 November – Remembrance Day.  Muslims tend to bleat when people burn their so-called holy book, a book that itself contains hatred against non-Muslims.  The ‘Gateshead Six’ have been persecuted for their act of protest against some of the contents of the Koran, but I suppose that was an act carried out by white people and white people, and especially white men are regarded by our ‘elite’ at wickedness incarnate – a racist attitude by a racist state!


Unlike the Holy Books of other religion, the Koran represents the unchanging word of God and is therefore not open to human misinterpretation.  It is not like the Old Testament that was succeeded by the far more civilised New Testament.  In fact the parts of the Koran that take precedence according to Islamic tradition are the far more violent and intolerant suras revealed later in Medina rather than previous, gentler suras revealed in Mecca when Muslims were still a minority.  Perhaps this illustrates rather well when Muslims move from minority to majority status.

Where were the arrests for inciting hatred on 11 November?  The burning of a poppy on Remembrance Day is an incitement to hatred against non-Muslims and the British People but this goes unpunished – the hate-mongers even get a police escort out of the areas – not an escort to a prison cell, but an escort to freedom.  Any arrests of Muslims are a token gesture designed to suggest the illusion of impartiality.  Of course, the EDL’s Tommy Robinson gets arrested for doing what an impartial police force that enforced laws equally and without prejudice should have been doing themselves.  The double standards are outrageous and unacceptable.  Muslim extremists are given a free pass while those who oppose their bigoted ideology are persecuted by the state.


The attitude of police commanders and politicians to non-Muslims proves that now they are nothing other than sharia enforcers who act against those who rebel against government imposed sharia norms.  They are no better that the Saudi religious police who forced school girls back into a burning building because they were ‘improperly dressed’.

The Poppy Burning is not an isolated incident! We saw how, outside the Danish embassy in London in the aftermath of Islamic ‘Motoon’ riots around the world, another act of bigotry went effectively unpunished.  Muslims were given a free pass to peddle their hatred against the British people then despite the content of their placards.  It seems that Muslims in Britain are considered to be above the law and that the aim of the modern British state is to commit cultural genocide against non-Muslims.  The British elite is committing institutionalised and structural racism against the British people in order to diminish their culture and their right to be themselves in their own country.

It is time for the organised, gradual though methodical, transformation of British society into a sharia state to stop.  The authorities claim to support multiculturalism, but by imposing Islam on the people of Britain, they are imposing a monoculture that does not tolerate other belief systems in any meaningful way.  Rubbing the noses of non-Muslims in the shit of their second class status is not a recipe for social cohesion!

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