Video of Rabbi Nachum Shifren Being Prevented From Speaking At Speaker’s Corner In London

By Aeneas • on October 26, 2010

It has long been a tradition in England, that one place in the country that a person can express his or her views, even in these troubled times when freedom of expression is under deliberate assault, is Speaker’s Corner. It seems that this tradition has now come to an end, and the Corner has become an area where sharia norms predominate.

On Sunday 24 October 2010, following his speech at an EDL rally, Rabbi Shifren accompanied by around 50 EDL supporters set out across London’s parkland for Speaker’s Corner. As he approached his destination he was prevented by the police from actually getting to speakers corner, and had to give his speech in the park where he was. The following video shows how his journey to speaker’s corner was brought to a halt.



By fritz on October 26th, 2010 at 9:59 am

England is a fascist police state

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