Rabbi Nachum Shifren to Visit the United Kingdom

By • on October 2, 2010

The EDL reports on its website that Rabbi Shifren, Candidate for California State Senate, District #26, will be coming to the UK in October.

Join the rally: He will be attending a rally outside the Israeli embassy on 24 October 2010 at 1pm. Join him and supporters of the English Defence League and support this rally.

Tom Trento sings the Rabbi’s praises in the following video clip:

I am sure that there will be many on the hysterical left shouting out in shrill tones that this proves that the EDL is a Zionist organisation run by the CIA to prevent a true socialist paradise, complete with gulags, repression, and state sanctioned intimidation, from emerging in Europe. However, what it really does is demonstrate that the EDL is an outward looking, inclusive organisation that is happy to associate with people from all ethnicities and religions who support freedom and democracy.