Team B II: Shariah, the Threat to America

By Aeneas • on September 26, 2010

This is the press conference for the release of the Center for Security Policy’s report, “Shariah, the Threat to America.” It was composed by Team B II, a group of intelligence and national security professionals, including former CIA head James Woolsey, author and former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, author Diana West, the Center’s Frank Gaffney, Lt. Gen. Ed Soyster, and many others. At the press conference at the US Capitol, the report was presented to Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)– who read a statement on Team B II by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)– and Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI).

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By shthwy on September 26th, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Its sad that the Tea party is being captured by the Israeli funded Gaffney Gingrich Kadish cabal while the Israelis are also surveilling patriots and putting them on terror lists.

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By Ibby on September 27th, 2010 at 4:54 pm

The price of democracy has always been perpetual vigilance


This article is an opinion on the absolute importance of criticism in our society and why it is so dangerous for Islam to declare itself beyond any criticism, scrutiny or question.
We have a choice at the moment; we can remain silent and adopt sharia norms. Thus abandon our deeply established traditions, heritage, cultures, freedom of expression and critical thought and speech.
We can stand up firmly against Islam & sharia that wants to dominate the world. We can not sit idol and allow it to happen, bringing to an end all other tradition, values, morals, ethics faiths and cultures.

There is nothing hateful to stand up to the evil system of sharia as declared by Islam in the Koran and Hadith, and declare unequivocal opposition to any such proposal.

If any free think individual is afraid to criticise sharia then you are effectively supporting it and should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

This is not on attack on Muslims, it is a profound rejection and criticize of Islam, koran and Hadith.

I can not over estimate or overstate the importance for you, your family your friends, community, fellow citizens, towns people and your international eyes to start if you have not already started. Criticize Islam and free the minds and lives of shackled Muslims living as slaves to a draconian barbaric ideology.

I am not talking about the threat of terrorism here,
I am talking about the inexorable and carefully planned overwhelming of Western democracies, European culture and thought, Judo-Christian heritage by the sheer numbers of Muslims and exponential growth.

This is a genuine and deep rooted concern about a totally legal and utterly unstoppable islamic tsunami that remarkably is barely recognizable by main stream western leader.

This might sound extreme but I am going to give you 2 reasons.

FIRSTLY: Any individual or Organization or Political party or doctrine or intellectual movement that specifically and uniquely claims for itself the god given right that it may, and can not be criticized in any way whatsoever, deserves to be criticised remorselessly and relentlessly.

Islam must acknowledge that in the free western world,
“Criticism is not only a normal and healthy of aspect of every part of life, more so it is an essential aspect of every part of a healthy, civilised and fruitful life”.

“It is critical thinking and ones ability to indulge oneself in it without fear of prosecution, persecution or death, that has created the freedoms that you your family and community hold so dear and value”.

Freedom and democracy go hand in hand. This is not the time to allow the clock to be wound back to a draconian era that mirrors the years of Mohammed. The world community has matured immensely since those dark days.

SECONDLY: If we remain silent and are not permitted to examine and scrutinise Islam, we have failed our founding forefathers, and for future generations.
When we fail, to actively criticize the threat of islamisation, there is no doubt whatsoever at its present rate of growth, it will destroy the last semblance of European, Western, and American freedom of speech and rights we take for granted.

Islam (not muslims), in every form, from moderate to extreme stands for values diametrically opposed to those of secular freedom of thought, speech, freedom and action.

To put the threat in context I consider that it is so great, that the recent social effect (in both loss of life and altered lives from the violent muslim terrorist actions of 9/11 and 7/7) will appear numerically as insignificant in comparison to similarly measured impact of muslim majorities gaining control in western countries.

I want to make it clear I am not advocating any form of unreasonable criticism here. I don’t want to encourage any form of or intimidation, aggression, or violence towards any Muslim.
The criticism is not against Muslims per say,
The criticism is of Islam, Sharia law, the Koran and what it advocates, legitimizes and promotes.
I suggest, that when you criticize or scrutinise islam, do it with intelligence, energy and wit, be calm considered, be well informed, let gentle but incredibly firm reason dictate the message, or question that you are conveying.

Why is this so very important?

Simply because Islam is actively attempting to take over the world as required and taught by the koran.

Islamist strategists have changed tact; their agenda is now not one of violence and force. It is now been done by intelligence, by political manipulation and the sheer weight of the rapidly growing numbers of Muslims all over the world, especially all over Europe.

Our political leaders have already been out witted, still now are been outwitted, and most probably will continue to be outwitted by the far more driven and focused muslim strategists.

Facts, the birth rate of non Muslim Europeans in the whole of Europe is dramatically declining; the birth rate of Muslim Europeans is rocketing.

The UK has now legalized bigamy for Muslim men.
However it remains totally illegal and is heavily punishable by imprisonment for non Muslim native British citizens.

Thus the UK has allowed muslim men to marry 2, 3, 4 wives all maintained by the state and can then produce dozens of children, all legal, all paid for by the state. Yet at the same time non Muslim men will be imprisoned if they follow suit. “Incredibly absurd”.

Do the sums and add some figures together!
How much do you think this will this cost the UK benefit and health systems over say the next 20 years?
Nationally bankruptcy is not attractive to the native citizens, but to most Muslims it marks a joyful weakening of a long time enemy,
“a non muslim infidel state that must be replaced by the one true faith”.

Islamists want western countries to make it illegal to criticize Islam.
Need I say more?
Oh Ok I will say a bit more,
Politicians around the world are too scared, to confront the issues and problems of Islam. Like many around the world, they just want the problem to vanish, “rather than confront Islam.
They want an easy road, the non confrontational path at the expense of the people that elected them.

Politicians now believe it is far easier to stifle, gag and suppress expression, concern, critique or scrutiny of Islam.
In doing so they are eroding and padlocking the freedoms their nations fought for and are founded upon.

The solution is NOT to suppress the civilised people by enacting laws that make criticism of Islam a crime, and push Sharia down our throats irrespective of our wishes as a nation.

Turning to facts in other European nations,
The Netherlands is predicated to have a majority Muslim population by 2017, yes by 2017.

Brussels city council has a socialist government; Muslims hold ten out of the 18 seats. The city of Brussels a capital city of the EU has a majority Muslim government now, yes right now, not in 20 years, NOW.

A recent British survey showed 36% of young Muslims in the UK believe that leaving Islam should be punished by death.

In France, the police are not allowed in muslim areas, NOT ALLOWED,
Can not go! Are legally, not allowed to go in muslim areas, yes in France. This is absurd and the consequence of not been vigilant educated and abreast with the aim of Islam. It is almost like a separatist state within a country.

In Denmark 51% of Muslims believe freedom of speech should be replaced with respect for their religious feelings.

It is estimated the four largest cities in Holland will have a Muslim majority in the next decade.

Now Journalists politicians, teachers, writers, artist, intellectuals throughout the whole Western world are so scared of threats of violence and death from Islam, they are having to go around with guards, go into hiding, or openly declare & promise that they will never criticize islam again. Then they beg that they and their families be not hurt or killed.

“Netherlands: Former MP Hirsi Ali lives under police protection after she moved to the USA”. Why????
Because she is a valuable promoter of the cause against Islam, she is a black African female and ex-Muslim.
The same Muslim cell that planned and executed the assassination of Theo Van Gogh in Holland in 2004 communicated a direct death threat to Hirsi Ali by having the assassin Mohammed Bouyeri pin a note to the chest of the dying Theo Van Gogh, the note was directly addressed to Hirsi Ali by name.
Hirsi Ali had written the text for Van Gogh’s film Submission which got him murdered.
She had no option but to flee to the USA.

Like wise, Pim Fortuyn who was a Dutch MP, he spoke about islam in Europe back in 2002. He said: “it is 5 mins to twelve, not only in the Netherlands but in the whole of Europe”. This was before he was brutally murdered for speaking against Halal practices in the Netherlands.
He was shot several times whilst cycling to his office in Amsterdam by Muhammad Bouyeri, a Muslim with dual Moroccan and Dutch citizenship.
Yes this is the killer that stabbed Mr van Gogh, slit his throat and left the note on his body, in which he also threatened to kill Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Don’t shelf this one, don’t think someone else will deal with it,
They won’t, read a bit about Islam.

Please don’t think that your political leaders have learnt this lesson, and they now know best, they didn’t then and they don’t now.

Understandably they are genuinely concerned about their own safety and that of their own families;
Islam has taught them “you dare not speak out against Islam”.

The only way they will dare to do so, is if there is such a ground swell from all non Muslims like you and me, otherwise they will just become sitting targets for the annex of radical Islamists acting in the name of ALLAH.

Irrespective of your faith, even if you have no faith, I am asking you to stand up along with every other free minded individual and apostate and “totally refuse to accept that our history, our traditions, our freedoms and aspirations are to be destroyed by islam”.

We are free to choose our sexuality, religion, atheism, dress code and lifestyle, without having Islam imposing a barbaric, draconian 1400 year old Stone Age ideology against our free wills.

Islam is a warped political system based on superstition. The UNHOLY sacrilegious Koran, declares that islam can never be criticized, questioned, analysed, debated, ever, by Muslims, or non Muslims.

I know that some of you reading this maybe thinking I am been extreme; the only uncensored voices you are going to hear are the little voices like me. You will only hear little voices like mine until mediums like YouTube face book, blogs and select internet sites are finally silenced by our duly elected representatives bowing to the ever increasing pressure from these highly intelligent Islamic opportunists.

The greatest threat to Islam, is scrutiny, thus they respond by screaming out “islamaphobeia, racist, intolerant, anti Muslim etc etc”, when ever any person questions or criticises Islam.

If, Islam succeeds, how will you and I then express and share our freely held views? Who will be there to communicate our voices and opinions too??
Trust me the lights are rapidly going out on the world, wo while we STILL have this level of freely available freedom of speech, please USE IT, protect it, guard it, because if you don’t, You will LOSE it.

The price of democracy has always been perpetual vigilance, our politicians have not been vigilant, We haven’t been vigilant. It is time to start been extremely vigilant; the world has become a very small place.

It is only in the last 6 months or so that even I have become aware of the problem with Islam in Europe. I use to consider it was only confined to the Middle East, countries like Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai, etc.
When did you first hear or think about it?
Didn’t you think that the people who were talking to you about it, back when you first heard about it were been extreme?
So how long do you think it is going to take to start getting receptive listeners? How many people will feel the same as you and so many did when you first heard about the threats of Islam?

I am not suggesting they are in any way to blame;
It is simply, that they really can not believe or find it hard to believe that something as big and as dangerous as this could have possibly been allowed to creep up on their precious countries without them knowing.

- Neville chamberlain was warmly received by the British public when he came back from signing the Munich agreement with Hitler in 1938.
He said, “Peace in our time” on 30 September 1938.
On the 3rd September 1939 Britain & France declared war on Germany, yes, less than 1 year after Chamberlains declaration of peace.

- Douglas Murray used this thought test, in a 2007 lecture on Jihad against the west, He said “if you want to make a criticism of something, what could you possibly, and how could you do it in a way that is smaller than drawing a cartoon?”
I know this is way back in 2007, but let me mention what Islam thinks about this. Well there was a group of Danish school kids that went on a scout trip, and they had a mini cartoon drawing competition. They videoed it on their mobile phones, footage was passed onto one of the imams in Denmark, who in turn issued a Fatwa against these young boys, they should be put to death.
Do you think that drawing a cartoon of something should carry the death penalty? Ever? It is just a cartoon,
This is the case in every Islamic country, on current progress and trends Europe will have a Muslim majority within the next two decades. Then drawing such trivial cartoons will be punishable by death. – Do you recall the reaction of Muslims when Jyllands-Posten published cartoons of Muhammad??

If you do not believe me please read the Koran for yourself.
I encourage everyone to utilise the net, read get informed about Islam, Sharia law, or any matter raised in this article.

Look into how many people have lost their hands and heads or have been stoned in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen in the last 12 months.
Please look into it, it was worth looking into?
The world has had many conflicts,
This is a conflict we must avoid.
Muslims are humans, exactly as we are. We are not at conflict with them as people.
However we have some very serious concerns about the teachings in the koran.
The history and character of Mohammed as reflected in the Hadith.
We totally oppose any erosion of our constitutions as they stand today.
We totally oppose any implementation of sharia laws.
We object to the fact In Islam, a Muslim person is forbidden to denounce or leave the faith.
More so we object to the term APOSTATE and the call in the Koran for that person to be executed.
A basic freedom right we value, such as choice of religion is forbidden in Islam.
This is not something that might happen,
It will happen UNLESS WE do something about it.

Again, I stress the objective is not to attack Muslim people and we are not trying to offend, we are asking you please try to understand what aspects of Islam concern us very deeply.

“Scrutinise and analyse the perversion known as the Koran, this radical draconian primitive Stone Age ideology has warped so many minds and transformed them into radical, fundamental murderous intolerant Islamists”.

People like Osama Bin Laden and countless clerics are relentlessly pursuing world domination under sharia law and wiping into oblivion every other faith, doctrine ideology and belief. Islam teaches that every person must be a Muslim or alternatively an infidel that must be killed.

To any muslim person reading this, especially if you see your self as a moderate muslim, I would make the following suggestion.
Please encourage all moderate muslims to take control of their religion. Please don’t leave it to us to fix. We in non Islamic countries are getting two very distinct messages. We have the moderate muslims protesting islam is a peaceful religion and then we have the muslims committing profound acts in the name of islam. Clearly there is a problem with the Koran, some of the suras, the Hadiths, their interpretation, implementation and intention. It is the responsibility of Islam ands it’s ruling authority to come out with clear cut definitions and intention of those suras. Totally eliminate the abuse of your Koran and religion by the radicals. It is the responsibility of Islam to take action against any person committing any act contrary to the koran, rather than sit by idol and just say “that is not islam”. That simply is not good enough. It is time for Islam to clean it self up and eradicate the misuse of the Koran, Hadith your faith!

For so long as the status Quo remains, there will be deep and genuine apprehension, fear and anger towards Islam. We can not be expected to sit as silent victims awaiting the onslaught.

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