Mohammed’s Harem: Polygamy Is Allowed To Run Wild In Australia!

By Aeneas • on July 24, 2010

So much for the rights of women, this bloke is able, apparently, to have as many wives as he wants. When will the authorities begin to confront such people? Perhaps never, that would be so insensitive!

It would appear that women’s rights in Australia are a joke, just like in the wider Western world where a blind eye is turned to injustice in the name of cultural sensitivity.


The situation in Australia seems to be bad and it appears that people are not even able to openly voice opposition to Islamisation.  David Barker, for instance, has been dropped as the Liberal Party candidate for Chifley in Sydney because of his remarks.  Seems a bit of a totalitarian response from a ‘liberal’ party especially given the illiberal nature of sharia law.  Politicians across the Western world are being prevented from expressing their opinions due to the adoption of the norms of Sharia by the political elite.