Support The Protest Against The 9/11 Megamosque

By • on May 22, 2010

The protest, organised by the human rights group Stop The Islamization of America (SIOA) and supported by a wide range of other organisations, will take place at Ground Zero, New York City, on June 6 at 12 noon.  See the SIOE site (link above) for more details.

Those who resist Islamic imperialism and the yoke of sharia are often called insensitive when they protest against mosques.  However, what could be more insensitive than building a mosque close to the site of one of the most heinous acts of Islamic terrorism?  Perhaps this decision illustrates the concept that mosques are not just places of worship rather well.

People in the West see mosques as the equivalent of churches and in Islamic countries churches are seen as the equivalent of mosques.  In the West, uniformed decision makers think that mosques, like churches, are mainly centres of worship.  In the Islamic world, uninformed decision makers think that churches, like mosques, are centres of political activity.  Under sharia, churches are seen through the lens of Islamic ideology which places the mosque at the centre of political as well as religious life, and as such the construction of churches is severely restricted and controlled.   It is ironic that multiculturalist decision makers that accuse others of failing to see things from the perspective of other cultures should commit this same error so blatantly in a fit of wilful ignorance.

From this perspective, opposing the construction of ostentatious megamosques is not an act of insensitivity but one of cultural self preservation.  It is not insensitive to oppose the construction of such mosques; it is insensitive to deliberately seek to construct them, especially in sensitive areas.  Surely those who have applied to build this monstrosity close to Ground Zero knew that it would cause outrage and upset, yet proceeded to do so anyway in a deliberate frenzy of political grandstanding.

If you want to become informed about the role of the mosque in society, you might want to read ‘The Mosque Exposed’ by S Solomon and E Alamaqdisi: ( (

If you can’t attend the demonstration be sure to publicise it:

Protest Against The 9/11 Megamosque, Ground Zero, New York City, June 6 at 12 noon.

Some videos about this issue:




Protest Against The 9/11 Megamosque, Ground Zero, New York City, June 6 at 12 noon.


By america on May 29th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

hey i created a page on facebook against the building on ground zero please spread the news and tell everyone to sign up.!/profile.php?id=100001166160652 foward to everyone

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