Freedom Of Expression Under Threat Yet Again!

By • on April 22, 2010

Oh dear, they are at it again, Muslim extremists have no tolerance for the Western concept of freedom of expression! This time South Park creators have been ‘warned’ about an episode in which muhammad was depicted in a bear suit.

Islamists who do not like free speech should go and live in some barbaric backwater where it is not practiced rather than try to destroy it in the West. We have had our Dark Ages and don’t want them back. Surely it is time for radical Islam to simply grow up.

Muhammad was not the perfect man as any rational study of his life and deeds would reveal. He is not above criticism and there are many things for which he should be vociferously criticised. If people are following his example today then I believe that they are been led astray. A clip from the South Park episode is included in the following video:


Included here in the interests of freedom of expression, the following song, ‘Islam ‘s Not For Me’, was played at the Berlin demonstration last Saturday (WARNING TO ISLAMIST BIGOTS WHO HATE THOSE WHO PRACTICE FREE SPEECH – THIS SONG DOES NOT SHOW RESPECT TO MUHAMMAD. DO NOT PRESS PLAY IF YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE OFFENDED):



By DP111 on April 22nd, 2010 at 17:49

This was predictable from the moment that Muslims were allowed into the West – that freedom of speech would, sooner or later, be under threat. And so it was – Salman Rushdie was the first bell that tolled the death of the West.

I will drop the coyness, and state outright that all this fuss is because of Islam and Muslims, though the governments, the EU and the UN, are trying to pretend that it is common to all religions and faiths. No one ever bothered about these matters until Muslim immigrants took offence at our freedom to be rude about any religion, and most particularly about Islam and its founder Mohammed.

And what if the so-called “blasphemy” was not really blasphemy but actually the truth about a religion? Did Mohammed have sex with a child, and does that make him paedophile? Legitimate comment or blasphemy? Mohammed raided caravans for profit – does that make Mohammed a brigand – legitimate comment or blasphemy? Do the above two facts destroy all claims of Mohammed being a genuine prophet, in the truest meaning of the word. Blasphemy or legitimate comment? And so on. Muslims are bombing and shooting their way across the whole world, while shouting “allahu ackbar”. So would depicting Mohammed with a bomb under his turban be a justifiable caricature of Islam or blasphemy?

I can understand that we should be well mannered, as well as mindful of our own necks, and not say anything negative about Islam in a Muslim country. But I fail to see why Muslim immigrants, who are here at our sufferance, should dictate with threats of violence, what we can say, read or write. They knew full well before they came here, that we had freedoms for which we went through two world wars, and were unlikely to give them up just to please Muslims. For be certain, this is not just about speech, but will extend to what we can write, and thus what we can read. And who will decide – of course the EU apparatchiks.

By DP111 on April 22nd, 2010 at 18:14

Since that fateful September day of 2001, the West has torn itself trying to find some way out of the impasse it has created for itself. How does one satisfy the West’s principle of Universal Tolerance, with the fact that Islam itself is not a religion of tolerance? How does one tolerate the intolerant?

To this end, Western thinkers have come up with the idea of the existence “moderate” Muslims and “radical” Muslims. Though such a dichotomy has never existed in the history of Islam, and that Muslims all over the world totally condemn such a breach in Islam, the West continues with this division, as it is the only one that allows it NOT to face facts.

The distinction between moderate Muslims and radical Muslims is meaningless, for the simple reason that the larger the number of Muslims, moderate or radical, the greater will be the demands for sharia. If these are not granted, then threats of violence follow.

What funds and generates the Jihad is the total number of Muslims. Radical or moderate is meaningless. What will stop the Jihad is the complete separation from Islam.

There is no doubt that for for thew good of all, including Muslims, Islam has to be separated from Europe, and the West. If this is not done, then even if Muslims are not a majority, we will continue to have carBQs, rape of western kuffar women, major security and terror related issues, as well riots and threats of murder whenever Muslims feel their religion or prophet have been insulted. Freedom of speech then dies, and eventually freedom of thought as well.

Look at the chaos Muslims have created even when their population is no larger then 3% of the total. Then imagine what will happen when they are 10% or 20%.

This cannot carry on. For every one’s good, the West and islam have to be separated before a civil war ensues. The last is no good at all.

By DP111 on April 23rd, 2010 at 15:08

It is worth noting. This is happening not in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or some Islamic country where Sharia is the law. It is happening in the West. It is happening moreover in America, that has prided itself as the standard bearer of freedom.

It is happening in the country that prides itself in having a constitution that guarantees freedom of expression.

It is happening in the country that allows citizens to have weapons,
so no one can take their freedoms away.

It is happening in America where the Muslim population is less then 1% of the total.

So it has come to this.. America the land of the free, is unable to defend its citizens from Muslims who object to a make believe Mo bear in a whimsical cartoon strip. In fact, American citizens are unable to defend themselves, armed though they may be.

So what went wrong? What went so decidedly lopsided, that Americans are kowtowing and bowing to Islam, just because one Islamic site put up a threatening article.

America prides itself as having the world most powerful military, and yet we have Gen Petraus making excuses why his forces cant win against a ragtag bunch of bandits in Afghanistan. He blames Israel for building homes in its capital city for his failure.

Whats gone wrong?

At the time of Salman Rushdie affair, I knew then that it would come to this. The only hope I see at the moment is France – you know the cheese eating surrender monkeys (Muslim population 10%). They intend to ban the burqa not just in schools but in all public places. Lets hope they don’t back down because of pressure from their Muslim residents, or their allies. Denmark is also doing something similar.

Let us hope that the great Anglo democracies – politicians in the UK and the USA, at the very least, do not let them down.