“Solidarity with Geert Wilders — Against the Islamisation of Western Europe!“ – Demonstration in Berlin on Saturday 17 April 2010

By • on April 11, 2010

Following the overwhelming success of the London demonstration in support of Geert Wilders that was organised by the English Defence League, Pax Europa Citizen Initiative and the Berlin PI Group have organised the 17 April Berlin demonstration.

Sharia is entering our daily lives to an increasing extent thanks to intensive Muslim lobbying and appeasement from Western governments.  Geert Wilders is one of the few Western political leaders who has the vision and the courage to stand up and say ‘no more’.  Of course he has now been subjected to a show trial by those who are determined to undermine and destroy Western Civilisation.  Just as the views of silent majority are represented by Geert Wilders, that same majority must come out and protect their champion from an elite that wants to transform Europe into an Islamic state.

This demonstration is an opportunity for the people of Berlin to stand up and demonstrate in favour of freedom and against sharia.  It is an opportunity for the people of Germany and surrounding countries to come to Berlin and challenge the anti European project of the European political elite.  Berlin has had its share of tyranny, and Islamism should not be allowed to rise in a city where the similar barbarisms of fascism and communism were allowed to grow and flourish.

The people of Europe do not want Islamism to take root and they do not want to be governed by the backward and barbaric sharia.  Governments must halt their pro sharia policies now!  Hopefully, the Berlin demonstration will be the start of a popular movement against the tyranny of Sharia within Germany. A movement like the English Defence League needs to develop and expand in Germany, otherwise the German Government will continue to ignore its own people and continue is destructive policies.

Be part of the historic counter jihad movement that is now rising in countries across the world.  Stand up for Germany, stand up for European Civilisation, stand up for future generations, stand up for yourself – join the ‘Solidarity with Geert Wilders’ demonstration in Berlin on 17 April.

More information about the demonstration can be found at Politically Incorrect and in German HERE.


By j.p.christiansen on April 11th, 2010 at 23:00


The Riders.

The poor thugs of Islam
don’t know what they’re up against!

They struggle, lie, and cheat,
in their futile attempt to force Sharia
into Europe’s hard-won democracy,
without knowing that it possesses
a self-adjusting mechanism of love
so ever-more powerful than their hate.

They forget the wars we’ve fought, and won,
against Communism and National Socialism,
whose goons Muslims collaborated with,
as well as Christianity’s assorted off-shoots,
and all such un-earthly nonsense;

they forget the human hearts and souls sacrificed,
tortured, burned, and killed through religion…
human beings whose fate we keep dear in mind,
and whose sufferings we honor by saying “No!”,
to the immature antics of Islam’s jihadists.

The poor thugs of Islam
don’t know what they’re up against,
and now that they’ve had their juvenile ‘fun’,
it’s time to show’em just who we are.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are the P.F.E.,
the Party For Earth,
and we’re getting ready
to take over the whole shebang,
continents, nations, religions, and creed,
un-willing, through ignorance and tribal allegiance,
to subordinate the past to love and democracy;

we are the atheists riding white horses
sounding their hooves in the night,
and come to liberate humanity
from sorrows of tyranny;

we are the riders
of freedom.


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